Travel guide to the tourist site in Central India

Madhya Pradesh is a world of art and nature uniting to burn the burning of romance with a background of outdated beauty. From the artistic masterpieces of Bharat Bhavan to the romantic stone structures of Mandu, and the soft beams of moonlight on the marble cliffs of Jabalpur, Madyha Pradesh is a land of love and beauty.

Madhya Pradesh is located in the heart of the Indian subcontinent and is a fascinating country with a seemingly endless variety of cultural diversity mounted on a plateau between the Himalayan mountains. And it is the central focus of all four Indian religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam.

The state is characterized by a central plateau surrounded by mountain peaks and is one of the oldest places in India. Anyone interested in history and archeology would love this place! It has some of the oldest artifacts of human civilization dating from the Paleolithic era (25,000 BC) and is home to almost 40% of India’s aboriginal tribes.

There is a world of things to do and see here. Social events are plentiful and excited by the fact that numerous festivals are jumped everywhere in the region, adding color, music and dance to every corner of the state. The intricate designs of the ancient temples, the skilled crafts of contemporary artisans and the ancient paintings of the prehistoric man are both beautiful and inspiring.

For those who prefer the wonders of nature, the beautiful bamboo forests await a whole new world of exotic fauna and flora. There are 9 national forests and 21 animal reserves open to the public. Everything from leopards and tigers to crocs, turtles and migratory birds lives within their limits. Naturalists stand in front of the world of the most exotic beings. And there are countless bridal paths in the state that run along the waterfalls, forests, rocks, cliffs and glades, an unforgettable look at paradise.


In 1956, Bhopal became the official capital of Madhya Pradesh. The main source of economic power today is cotton fabrics and jewelry and is home to India’s largest mosque, the Taj-ul-Masjid.

Bhopal is a focal point for Indian art and culture, the home of theatrical productions and colorful artwork, and the hangout of the literary crowd. It is a well-planned community that relies on the active masses with festivals, dance and artistic activities.

Sleeps in the area from budget to plus plus luxury. One of the best hotels for the average Joe is Hotel Residency, a government-recognized 4-star hotel with a health club, swimming pool and sauna, 24-hour room service and a doctor in the bell. In addition to leisure facilities, this 47-room business hotel offers the comforts of internet, as well as secretarial and foreign currency exchange services. And best of all, it has a restaurant with a wide range of dishes and spirits. In Madhya Pradesh Business Management Articles, Ujjain is one of the most touristy places. This stone, SivaLinga, brought by the son of a cowherd, was soon decorated with gems and turned into a JyotirLinga.


If you want to explore Maharashtra’s cultural treasures in a royal way, then embark on the Deccan Odyssey train that rediscovered the forgotten art of elegant train that travels through its luxurious amenities and traditional Indian hospitality.

The former demons of Maratha rulers, Maharashtra, are a repertoire of cultural treasuries that have flourished in this region over the centuries. In many ways to unfold the glorious history of Marathas, the Deccan Odyssey train offers a luxurious stay over the fascinating areas of Maharashtra, along with a stop at the sun and sand paradise, Goa. These are architectural wonders of Ajanta and Ellora, the magnificent Sindhudurg Fortress, revered temples of Nashik and cultural repertoire of Kolhapur.

Winner of the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Award, Deccan Odyssey, is often compared to the famous luxury trains in the world, such as Orient Express of West and the Blue Train of South Africa. The tight blue buses of the train really point to the royalty and give a clear indication of the regal aura that takes guests on board this luxury train with picturesque interior. The luxury train ride aboard Deccan Odyssey is a must for all travelers who want to predict traditional Indian hospitality and see the cultural heritage of the Deccan region of India. The train accommodates 88 passengers in its 11 elegantly designed drivers, which reminds the thematic decor of a certain era of the Deccan region and is equipped with state of the art amenities to provide comfort and indulgence to the guests.

In addition to state coaches, the train has two tastefully decorated restaurants, Peshwa 1 and Peshwa 2, serving a mix of delicious east and west dishes on the board of the guests. An on-site bar, Mumbai Hi, serves an eclectic collection of wines and spirits to soothe guests’ souls and separate cabins for conference and health facilities. All these facilities are made available to provide the generous experience. When it comes to destinations, Deccan Odyssey is a dream come true for culture lovers. The luxury train in India covers some of the best and most visited locations of the West Indies subcontinent, allowing guests to discover the beauty of these destinations with a whole new perspective. The weekly travel on board of Deccan Odyssey includes various destinations, including Mumbai, Sindhugarh, Goa, Vasco, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Ajanta, Ellora and Nashik.



During this 8-day and 7-night trip, it is possible that guests may find some medieval attractions that are located in some of India’s most contemporary quotes. While Mumbai is a bustling metropolis with some colonial structures in its bosom, Sindhugarh is famous for its sea fort and beaches. Then Kolhapur is known for his arts and crafts in general and Nashik, which is the most visited city for Hindu pilgrims. Aurangabad is widely visited for the ancient wonders of Ajanta and Ellora, located in the area. As a result, guests can see aboard fifty colors of vibrant West Indian kaleidoscope waiting to enchant them.

To say that Deccan Odyssey is an undeniable discovery of Maharashtra’s rich history and heritage in unrivaled abundance will not be overstatement. With state-of-the-art amenities, elegant interiors, gracious hospitality, gourmet dining and culturally significant destinations Article Search, Deccan Odyssey, lets you explore the beauty of this region like never before.




The northeast of India is called the land of the rising sun. This is an unspoiled nature reserve, still largely untouched by the outside world. North East India is one of the most ecologic …

The northeast of India is called the land of the rising sun. This is an unspoiled nature reserve, still largely untouched by the outside world. North East India is one of the most ecologically friendly states in India.

North-East India is home to Kaziranga, one of the most unspoiled national parks in the country. Located along the Brahmaputra in Assam, Laziranga is one of the most lush and green sanctuaries for fauna and flora. Kaziranga is home to the Great Horned Indian Rhino. It is also home to a large number of elephants, deer, deer, tigers, jungle cats, otters, wild boar and more. North East India is also famous for its hilly hills and adventurous sports. The culture of this country is unique and out of the world. If you are interested in exploring the Northeast, take advantage of some unique tours offered by North East India Tourism, next to other private agencies.

Places to visit under the umbrella of North East India include Assam, Sikkim, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. Some of the main attractions in the northeast are the Assamese tea gardens, the big Bihu festival, the horned rhino, trekking activities, the kitchens, the big Kanchenjunga, the mighty rainforests of cherrapunji and the Tawang monastars.

kaziranga Travel Tips

Assam is known for its flora, fauna and its vast waterfalls, tea gardens and culture. Arunachal Pradesh is the land of the rising sun, with deep woods, plateaus and beautiful landscapes. Arunachal Pradesh has everything that an adventure lover wants. Meghalaya, on its name, is the place of clouds. This picturesque little place lets you fired. The diversity and versatility that the North East offers in terms of pleasure, peace and quiet will not only hurry your mind but also enchant and enrich.

There are many tours available to explore the northeast. Some guided tours are worth exploring before deciding

What to choose:

Green Triangle: Offered by the touristic department of the country, the green triangle is a guided tour that takes you to Guwahati, Kaziranga, Shillong and Cherrapunji within seven days.

The best of North India: Offered by the touristic department of the country, brings the best tour of North India through Calcutta, Guwahati, Shillong, Cherapunji and Kaziranga over a 13-day period.

Adventurous tour of the northeast: Offered by the touristic department of the country, the adventurous tour of the northeast brings you through Guwahati, Shillong, Kazranga, Kohima, Kipfizha-Dzzikuo Valley, Kohima and Khonoma, Kohima-Jorhat, Johrat, Dirang, Sela Pass, Chabrilla, Nurarang, Tawang and Bhalukpung in a 27-day period.

There are a wide range of tours available that fall outside the scope of this article. However, you want to explore these options and some more like the Kingdoms tour, the caves and trek, the Alpine North Sikkim Tours and more.

Kerala Tour Packages With Houseboats

Kerala Tour Packages With Houseboats

Prepare for your stay at the Houseboats in Kerala

Kerala’s glorious backwaters are named the 50 most amazing places to visit in the world, by the National Geographic Traveler. And one of the best ways to enjoy the idyllic views is to plan a stay in one of the Kerala houseboats for a day or two. If your travel package in Kerala includes houseboat accommodation, start by learning more about the different types of available and the facilities offered by each.

Types of houseboats in Kerala

The default type: These may not be exactly preferable if you are looking for an unforgettable vacation. No air conditioning is provided. However, you have standard bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms.

Deluxe Type: These are much more comfortable with air conditioning. In most cases, Kerala travel packages will contain this type of houseboat.

Super Deluxe Type: These are very luxurious. You can use the extensive services with butlers on stand-by and 24-hour air conditioning. The prices are therefore higher.

What to wear for a comfortable stay

You must wear all your personal stuff. Then pack your pillows, blankets, towels and toiletries before going to the boat.

Always wear clothes that dry easily when wet. Do not wear pure cotton stuff. Georgettes are more advisable. Also, wear rubber boots in the hand to get into the water. Wear a plastic bag to grab your wallet and other valuable items, such as your watch.

Never forget to carry your camera because the views just come out of this world.

If you have planned your Kerala tour package for the summer, make sure you bring sunshades, shades, wide brimmed hats and binoculars. Light summer clothing is the best fit. Similarly, during the winter season you need warm clothes and warm stockings.

Other essential items that you should ideally wear include a flashlight, some basic remedies like anti-allergy pills, insect repellents, a first aid kit and some earplugs. The sound of the water can be particularly disturbing during the night for some.

There are no phones in the boats available. So, it’s best to wear your mobile handsets. Some ports also offer free Wi-Fi signals.


The growing popularity of houseboats has also made several types of houseboats. The modest Kettuvellams that once have one or two quarters and have a modest way for kitchen and storage have undergone a huge makeover that retains the old world charm. From three, four, five and top houseboats the options are enough for you to choose. You can rent your own houseboat or use the large upper houseboats for joint joint or family members. Kumarakom houseboats have a large distribution of houseboats with different accommodation facilities to make sure you fit your budget and needs.

Upper Deck Houseboats

Upper Deck Houseboats

The top houseboats have appealed to the taste of the business community. The top decks and the increased number of rooms and free time cruises for a day or two form the perfect atmosphere to combine work and pleasure. You can have your conference meetings and then go to the deck to enjoy your lunch. In fact, the comforter and lunch combination ensures that your subordinates or partners do not disappear after a quick appearance.

The upper houseboats are air conditioned and well-appointed. And you’d be surprised to be even equipped with state of the art gadgets. In addition, you can coordinate with the boat authorities to watch your requirements for audio video presentation, close circuit TV, video conferencing, internet and intercom, and so forth.

As these houseboats meet the needs of the white hooks, the dishes are prepared according to international standards. The food remains predominantly ethnic but can be adjusted depending on your wishes. Safety precautions are well taken care of with a suitable fire extinguisher that is conveniently placed. Fire pumps, liferaft and experienced lifeguards are always available for quick rescue operations in case of an accident.

Unlike traditional houseboats dominating bamboo and coconut ropes, the upper houseboats have carpets that allow residents of the comfort of their houseboat to enjoy the scenic views of the backwaters. The upper houseboat does not endanger the eco value and hence from the septic tank to the generator’s use to turn the A / C on the boat is well-maintained. The bio-septic tank is being investigated and certified by a central research laboratory that is suitable for collecting the fecal disposal and not contaminating the backwaters.



The old houseboats were then called Ketuvellams which transport goods and trucks from one place to another, which act as the first mode of transportation. The disappearing Kettuvellams made a return and called on a crowd of tourists from all over the world. These Kettuvellams are built of jackfruit strains, with coconut fiber and coconuts. These Kettuvellams were converted in a way to accommodate a two-three and four-bedroom. For example, you can rent Kettuvellams for yourself or on the basis of the equipment and enjoy the peace of the Backwaters.


The existence of scattered houseboats in Kerala is surreal. Sailing in the maze of canals on the dotted houseboat in combination with the intricate environment of nature is an experience that is not easy to describe. The methodical process of the points rising skyward and descending into the water that cuts the backwaters is hypnotic to look. The pointing process asks the power and muscle to rise and fall into the calm waters and to watch the boatman, does it with his bare hands drop the jaw.

Houseboats are made of lever wood, which was used in the past to transport goods, cargoes, food from one place to another. Braided palm leaves, aracanut trees and coconut masks were used to make the dwellings and toilets in the scoring boats. But today the boats are holding a lot of traditional touch, but have also seen some changes. Current houseboats are well-equipped to provide a sophisticated and striking living experience.

The old houseboats often include rooms intended to sleep and would require both ends and broad in the center. The central part is where the neighborhoods and the kitchen were placed, and the boat would also be used to rent the oarsman who would row the boat with a long pole.

The entire rowing of the boat process helped the boatman to go from one place to another, and they watched fishermen or local sellers on the banks of the waters selling goods. Sometimes the whole family would get enough and drive to end their business.
If you travel with pets, they will be admitted. However, make sure you have pet food and other facilities that you need.

As you embark your first journey as a family, choose Kerala in India as your destination for Explore Venerated Therapies in India with Ayurveda Tours.

If you have planned your Kerala tour package for the summer, make sure you bring sunshades, shades, wide brimmed hats and binoculars. For more details, visit at; it’s a leading travel agent in India, since 1995. Book Kerala tour packages from Delhi or Kerala honeymoon tour packages at lowest price without any trouble.

Gujarat Tour Packages – Visit the most beautiful places

Find Here Most Beautiful Places Gujarat


The popularity of Gujarat’s travel destination, expanded by the flexible, well-known places, is as follows: The first Jyotirling Somnath, Dwarkadish, Dwarka, beautiful coastlines at Diu and Daman and Mandvi, The King of Forest Lions in Sasan Gir. Here we give you a stage to book Gujarat visits, Dwarka visit bundle, Somnath visit bundle, bundle for Diu, Sasangir, best Gujarat travel tires, at least expensive taxes.


Visit beautiful places with the best Gujarat tour packages and access to these for social tourism, wild tourism and religious tourism in the local area. Located in the place Panchmahal, a UNESCO-listed world heritage site, which is the Archeological Park Champaner-Pavagadh.

The general unexcavated site contains remains of ancient times, the sixteenth-century capital of Gujarat and a fortification that fits an early Hindu capital. Along with this overwhelming heritage walk, Gujarat vacation packages should also visit the amazingly beautiful Rann van Kutch. A center of Hindu and Jain religious sites, Gujarat is a heaven for the depths.

The best place to visit in Gujrat

Gir National Park

Gir National Park

Gir National Park: – Provides National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary located in a huge 1412 square mile backwoods with a wide variety of plants and creatures. Asian lions are in extraordinary numbers here. The place is inexhaustible in water bodies and is therefore home to crocodiles and a range of flying creatures. Some of the creatures found here include hyenas, wild pigs, gazelles, Sambhar, scallops, rabbit, Indian porridge, fox and more. Leo indicates compiled by the recreation center are exceptionally praised.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Laxmi Vilas Palace: – Made between 1878 and 1890 by Maharaja Sayaji Rao, the Third, Laxmi Vilas Palace is a beautiful example of the past history of design. The castle is arranged in a monstrous 700 part of the country in the area. The shocking interior of the castle and the rich decorations are amazing. The gallery in the castle has an unusual accumulation of figures, visual arts, arsenal and more. Some of Raja Ravi Varma’s popular artistic creations are seen here. The zoo in the royal residence houses peacocks and crocodiles.

Somnath Dwarka


Dwarka: – Dwarka is one of the four most dedicated char Dham Hindu travel sites and seven the most outdated sapta-puri religious urban areas in India. Dwarka is considered to be the ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna and the first capital of Gujarat. The Krishna Janmashtami party is a remarkable opportunity there. Of exceptional significance are the Dwarkadhish Temple, built around 200 BC, and Jagat Mandir.

Marine National Park

Marine National Park

Marine National Park: – Marine National Park in Gujarat is the first of its kind in the nation. The 458 square km. Park has a rich assortment of untamed life types, including marina, jungle turtle, green ocean turtle, majestic bird, flamingo, rambunctious reed songbird, laggar hawk and more. Bird watchers would love the recreation center because they can see more than 30 kinds of fleeting flying creatures here.

Ashram of Gandhi

Ashram of Gandhi

Ashram of Gandhi: – Here is a new idea abroad tourism in India. “Live like Gandhi for some time” only for 1,000 rupees a night. Kochrab Ashram, which was the first ashram founded by Gandhi in Gujarat in 1915, must be open to guests who want to stay there and experience Gandhi’s lifestyle on October 2, 2013.


 Gujarat Tour Packages

If are you looking for Gujarat Tour Packages? Explore colors of Gujarat with various Best of Gujarat Tour Pilgrim Tours is specialized segment of a leading travel agents in India, since 1995, they are offering best pilgrimage tour packages in India at most affordable prices! Here find more packages like Dwarka Somnath Tour , Gir Diu Tour ,Dwarka Somnath with Diu Tour, Gujarat Travel Package  ,Gujarat Heritage Tour  , Rann Utsav Gujarat and Gujarat Temple Tours


Hills on love


Are you planning to enjoy a peaceful summer holiday near Delhi? If yes, you have lots of options in the form of rejoicing hill stations near and around Delhi. Here is the list of some few must visited hill stations there. Manali Volvo Packages

Honeymoon couple

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Manali

One of the best destinations for skiing in India, Manali is situated at the height of 6,260 above the sea level; the uniform capping of snow here is fit for snow sports. Manali honeymoon packages are as exclusive as the shooting of movies in snow in Manali. Newly wed couples will definitely appreciate our packages as drenched in elegance and full of fun activities with its pleasures and unforgettable memories. Para gliding, river rafting, playing with ice, Heli skiing, snow skiing, Ice skating, etc are few hot sports which newlyweds do not forget to relish and provide in on their trip to Kullu Manali . (View Packages Shimla Manali Tour)

Dalhousie Dharamshala tours

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Dharamshala

This scenic hill station attracts thousands of tourists every year in summer for offering adventure activities like trekking and cycling. Waterfalls, temples and Dal Lake are some attractions in Dharamshala. find here Manali Dharamshala Tour Package.


Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Shimla

If you are looking for spectacular valleys, snow clad peaks and fascinating green landscapes near Delhi, Shimla is the best option for you. Waterfalls, scandal point, and temples, Christ church and museum will add joy to your trip.

Are you looking for a honeymoon package for Shimla to enjoy the most romantic days of your life in the snow-capped peaks? Or are you planning a trip with family or friends? We can provide you a perfect trip with a visit to many places like Jakhu, the Ridge, mall road, Tara Devi, Kali Bari and much more. (View Packages Shimla to Manali via Kinnaur Tour Packages)

gun hill mussoorie

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Mussoorie

Mussoorie, ‘the Queen of Hills’ has a delightful climate to plan a summer holiday. Some joyous activities to do there are trekking, boating, ropeway rides and bird watching. Mussoorie has a delightful climate for nature walks.

Dehradun hills

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Dehradun

The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun offers a scenic beauty to visitors with a pleasant climate. Rajaji National Park, Robber’s Cave, Malsi Deer Park, Tapovan and Tapkeshwar Temple are some attractive destinations in the hill station. Best of Himachal Tour

Planning-a-Destination-Wedding in Paarwanoo

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Paarwanoo

This scenic village at the border of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh has situated only 272 KM away from Delhi. If you fall for outdoor activities and sightseeing, this is the best place to discover the hidden natural beauty.

The Terraces Kanatal Mussoorie

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Kanatal

An exciting weekend destination near Delhi is Kanatal which offers some secret natural scenes to visitors. For its pleasant climate and pristine beauty, it is recommended to be visited in summer.

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Kasauli

Adventure lovers don’t want to miss the chance of visiting Kasauli as this is the home to chestnut groves, pine groves, and oaks. Camping, trekking, and paragliding are the interesting things to do there.


Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Ranikhet

This pleasant hill station in the Almora district of Uttarakhand is also known as Queens Land. Sightseeing, nature walks, golfing, trekking and fishing are the activities to make this place interesting.

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Nainital

Nainital is a heavenly beautiful place on the earth; covered with towering trees, splendid lakes, and clear sky. Boating, trekking, and horse riding there will add lots of joy to your trip. (View Packages Dalhousie Dharamshala Amritsar Tour)

hill on love destination Mukteshwar

Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is the place to introduce the glory of Himalayas. You would enjoy the spectacular view of magnificent hill stations on the way to Mukteshwar from Delhi.


Hill Stations near Delhi Visit To Lansdowne

Lansdowne is known as the crowning jewel of Uttaranchal for its verdant slopes, pristine environment, and charming weather.

So, have you selected a hill station to visit near Delhi this summer? if you find holiday packages in India with airfare   book with swan tours; it’s a leading travel agency in India, since 1995. Or explore Himachal tours packages here exiting holiday destination like Kullu Shimla Manali and more in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most frequented tourist destinations.

Visit A Perfect Tour In Kerala And Enjoy Your Vacation



If you are in the planning phase of a great holiday or honeymoon to Kerala, I suggest to continue the information below. This is written from my own experience in planning Kerala tours for many guests like you. This article will definitely help you determine each aspect of your tour.

Ready For Your Dream Kerala Trip

“A Practical Guide to Help Kerala Vacation Planning”

Before you do a survey, end the number of days you can spend on your Kerala vacation. This is crucial because you can decide on places to visit as per your vacation alone.

If you have enough office vacancies, go through several tourist sites in Kerala, and with the help of your tour operator, end the number of days. In both cases, freeze your arrival and departure dates.

Once completed, you can book your tickets to Kerala. While booking the trip, it is always advisable to book Cochin. Trivandrum is another option – book only to Trivandrum if your first destination is Kovalam or Kanyakumari. Calicut is only good if your first destination is Wayanad.

Cochin is also played as Kochi, and is also known as Ernakulam. When booking a bus, you can make reservations to Ernakulam. While booking a train, you can book Ernakulam North or Ernakulam South, as some trains stop at one station only. The train station for the train booking is ERN or ERS. For flights, make the reservation to Cochin or Kochi (location code is COK). Try to reach Cochin as far as possible to cover maximum places.

Tourists from Coimbatore, Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai and Hyderabad can reach Kerala by train, flight or bus. From Coimbatore, the bus is the best option. If you travel from Bangalore, you have all three possibilities. Normally, a bus takes 9 to 12 hours to reach Cochin from Bangalore. Nowadays, there are several axes of Volvo buses in 9 to 10 hours in Cochin. This depends on the road conditions. There is a checkpoint at the border of Tamil Nadu – Kerala and very rarely, we have seen the buses arrive late by checking at this checkpoint. There are many buses on Bangalore – Cochin route and this is a good option to reach Kerala from Bangalore. You can even check for sleeper buses. A train takes about 12 hours from Bangalore, but getting a ticket is the biggest challenge. If tickets are available, this is the best option. In any event, try to book a bus / train that reaches the morning of Cochin. If you choose the flight, book a flight that reaches at least before noon.

From Hyderabad, the flight or train is the best option. Just choose a bus if nothing stops because it takes almost 18 hours. Nowadays buses are also in Mumbai, but use this as your last option, as it’s almost a 36-hour journey.

From Mangalore you can travel by bus or train. From Mysore you have the option to take a bus only, otherwise you have to travel to Bangalore and then to Cochin. From Chennai you can travel by bus, train or flight. Bus and train takes about 12 hours to reach Cochin.

From Delhi, Ahmadabad or other destinations to Kerala, you can only travel by train or flight.

For those who come from other countries, you have the opportunity to come straight away. You can also get off at one of the subway stations and get to Kerala by train. You must already do the booking to avoid confusion.

Once you have booked further, you can book a return ticket. While booking a return ticket, be careful about the timing and destinations. I suggest you only book this after completing the package, or at least the itinerary.

Choose the Destinations in Kerala

Choose the Destinations in Kerala

Now we need to complete the destinations that need to be covered. This is where we need to compare between the number of days you have and your interests. A small description of the major tourist sites in Kerala would help you with this.


Cochin – In most cases this is the place you land in Kerala. If you are interested in Cochin sightseeing, you can do this on the first day – arriving in Cochin, or if you have enough time on the last day, go for it.

Munnar – This is the best tourist spot in Kerala. You would like to see it 100 times. Munnar is a hill station.

Thekkady – Thekkady has the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary that you can visit when you go to Thekkady. Thekkady also has many adventure activities and eco-tourism activities.

Alleppey / Kumarakom – This is the place where you can cruise for a houseboat. Alleppey also has many resorts to relax, and there is also a beautiful beach.

Trivandrum– The capital

Kovalam – Beautiful beaches

Kanyakumari – Although this is in Tamil Nadu, if you travel to Trivandrum (and if time permits), it is advisable to visit.

Athirapilly-Vazhachal – Greatest waterfalls in Kerala.

Cherai – Another beach near Cochin.

Guruvayoor – Pelgrim Square, the famous Krishna Temple. At this place there is an elephant reserve with over 65 elephants.



Northern part of Kerala has visited Wayanad. Wayanad is about 300 km to the north of Cochin.

Plan your itinerary in Kerala

Make a list of places you want to cover in Kerala, from the above important tourist destinations.

I will write about these places in detail below with the required travel time. After reading this message, you could visit the places you can visit, depending on your departure from the office. Once the visits and the number of nights have been completed in each destination, the route can be easily set up.



Kochi: –  This is usually the place where you land in Kerala. If you have enough days in Kerala, it’s worth a visit to Cochin’s day. Cochin has many attractions including Marine Drive, Chinese fishing nets, Fort Cochin, where you can visit a Dutch palace, Jewish Synagogue, etc.

If you have time, I suggest you go straight to your first destination of Cochin. This can be Munnar, which is 4 to 5 hours drive from Cochin, Thekkady, which is 5 hours drive, Alleppey 2hrs, Guruvayoor 2hrs and Athirapilly-Vazhachal, a short 2 hour drive. If you want Kovalam to be the first destination, it’s better to come to Trivandrum instead of a hectic journey from 6 to 7 hours on the same day of arrival.

For each trip you should consider stopping the time for sightseeing, food etc. If your first destination is Alleppey Houseboat, make sure you arrive at at 9:00 am Cochin, so you can check in at Houseboat at 12Non. If your arrival is after 10:00 in Cochin, do not take the day of the Alleppey Houseboat cruise on the same day as check-in to houseboat is at 12 o’clock and check-out is at 9 o’clock the next day. If you come to Cochin after 3 hours, do not plan a trip on that day. In this case, the best option is to stay in a hotel near the airport or train station, depending on how to get to Cochin. Most hotels near the airport offer free pick up from the airport, saving you money on a vehicle for that day. Inform your travel agent about your arrival so that they can book the hotel accordingly. Cochin airport is almost 20 km from Cochin city / train station.

If you plan to stay in Cochin on the day of arrival, you will normally check in time for all hotels at noon and if you arrive early in the morning, please inform your travel agent in advance. In this case, you may request early check-in. Most hotels have this subject for availability of rooms and note that breakfast for this day will not be free.

If you are planning to travel to the same destination on the same day, I suggest to go straight to that destination instead of a half-day sightseeing of Cochin and then traveling to the next destination. If you come by Cochin by train or bus or after a long flight, try to refine yourself before traveling from Cochin to your next destination. This helps you enjoy the trip from the start of the trip and you can do all your sights on the road. Coordinating your first destination according to your arrival time is very important.



Munnar Tea Gardens: Munnar, a hill station, is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. There are many tea plants and more than a dozen places to see near Munnar. This is a must see place if you visit Kerala. The climate is usually cold during the year. Munnar is 140km from Cochin.

If you travel to Munnar, you must stay for at least 2 nights. For your further trip, the journey time from Cochin is 4 to 5 hours, but in practice you will reach Munnar in about 7 to 8 hours. There are many sights in between. You can enjoy waterfalls and rolling hill with tea gardens on the way. During this trip you will enjoy as much time as possible and do not be in a hurry to reach Munnar. You can even visit herb plantations on the way. After enjoying the landscape, you’ll only reach Munnar in the evening.

If you feel, you can spend some time in the market. If you are away from the city of Munnar, try eating your food and finishing all the activities in the city and going to the hotel. Coming from hotel to city at night is not a good idea because there may be fog in the road and driving is not safe.

The second day must be dedicated to sightseeing in and around Munnar. If you want to cover almost all places, try to start at 8:30. Or you can choose places to visit according to your interest and mood. Buy herbs, tea, etc. While you are shopping. Go to Eravikulam National Park to see the endangered mountain goat of South India, the Nilgiri Tahr.

Choosing the resort / hotel is most important when in Munnar. Every hotel in Munnar is not in the city, you will find hotels within a radius of about 30km from Munnar. See hotels in Munnar. Most good resorts are away from the city. . If you are a person who wants to stay in the city, make sure that the hotel you choose is located in the city itself. If you’re away from all the traffic and want a relaxing atmosphere, then select a resort / hotel. As you approach a tour operator, you must communicate this clearly if you have a specific choice.


It’s always better to do a Google search on the selected hotel. Nobody can tell you if you want a hotel or not. Because this is very subjective and depends on your interests and background. Personally, I love the city when I’m on vacation and prefer hotels outside the city. But for business trips, I prefer city hotels.

A normal package can be prepared with 2 nights in Munnar. If you want to stay 3 nights in Munnar, you will have plenty of time to relax. A package with a night in Munnar is not so advisable. I have seen many times that people spend one night in Munnar one night at Alleppey if they only have 3 days to spend. This is not a good idea because they can not cover Munnar and Alleppey.

From Munnar you can travel to following destinations such as Thekkady, Alleppey or Cochin. It is not good to go to Kovalam directly from Munnar because the travel time would be at least 10 hours. If you move to Cochin to catch the return flight / train, make sure you have at least 6 hours between time because you can even stop eating during this trip. So plan your time accordingly.

Here is an easy to follow map with the main tourist spots in Munnar. This map helps you plan your itinerary while visiting Munnar.


Munnar Tourist Destinations Map

  • Distance to various places from Munnar
  • Distance from Munnar to Madurai – 130KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Cochin – 135KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Aluva – 130KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Theni – 165KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Thekkady – 110KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Trivandrum – 280KM
  • Distance from Munnar to Alleppey – 190km
  • Distance from Munnar to Kodaikkanal – 180km



The famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Thekkady. Thekkady is sometimes referred to as Kumily or Periyar. Thekkady is the best place to visit if you are interested in adventure and ecotoeristic activities. If you are not interested in such activities, you only have to see the Periyar Wildlife Reserve.

To watch the wild life closely, you have to go through the Periyar River. Wild animals, forest areas of Periyar shrine and Mullapperiyar dam from long view can only be seen during this boat. Vehicles are not allowed in the sanctuary for sightseeing.

Boat in Thekkady has fixed times and the guest must be in person in order to get tickets. You must enter your personal information as well as show the ID card when using this ticket. Depending on the season, the speed varies. In peak seasons, there may be heavy speed, so try at least 3 to 4 hours before the departure time.

Thekkady has many activities / shows in the evening. If you are interested, you can view Kalarippayattu (martial art of Kerala), Kathakali, Magic show, musical fountain, tribal dance, etc. You can also take Ayurveda massage, Elephant ride, Elephant bath, Elephant shower, Spice plantation tour, etc. Plans for sailing through the Periyar River also top activities if you are staying a night in Thekkady. Unless you are interested in adventure activities, stay no more than 2 nights there. If you stay for two nights, you can relax on the second day, enjoy the wilderness of Thekkady.

If you are an adventurous person, this is the place for you. Plan for 2 or 3 nights in Thekkady and here you can do all kinds of adventure activities. You can go for the Gavi tour, including full day Jeep safari, trekking etc., bamboo rafting, ecotourism, nature walk, night patrol, etc. Keep track of the details for these activities and make the number of days you want to stay in Thekkady.

From Thekkady you can move to Alleppey, Munnar, Cochin, Madurai (Tamil Nadu), Kodaikkanal (Tamil Nadu). Again, Kovalam is not a good idea because there will be many trips.

Very recently we found a website where you can book online for ferrying in Periyar. Although we did not try this, one of our guests did it themselves. Consider sharing this website here. Online booking at

  • Distance to different places of Thekkady
  • Distance from Thekkady to Kumily – 4km
  • Distance from Thekkady to Munnar – 110km
  • Distance from Thekkady to Alleppey – 150km
  • Distance from Thekkady to Cochin – 170km
  • Distance from Thekkady to Kodaikkanal – 120km

Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey1

Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey:

Kerala backwaters-smallAleppey is famous for Kerala-style house boats. Alleppey also has a good beach. A houseboat cruise is another experience and should not miss this if you have enough vacation with you. Houseboats give a different feeling than staying in a hotel. These floating villas have a dining room, rooms with bathrooms and kitchens. Number of rooms varies from now to nine.

Houseboat cruise can be of two types; You can choose a 21-hour cruise or take a 5 to 6-hour cruise.

If you opt for a morning cruise you must check in at 10:00 and check out is at 4 or 5 hours, depending on the cruise provider you choose. In this case you are greeted with a welcome drink (lemon juice or coconut) and you can prepare lunch in boat and evening snacks. Boat will cross the inland waterways, backwaters and lakes. And you can also view the long piece of rice fields at Alleppey (Kuttanad). This cruise is definitely one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Boat will stop during lunchtime and food is prepared in the boat itself. The boat has a captain (driver), cook and sometimes a helper depending on the size of the boat. These boats are powered by motor.

For the night of a houseboat cruise (21 hours), check in at your houseboat at 12:00 and check out is at 9:00 the next day. The boat takes you at 12 noon and goes around for lunch. The boat stops for lunch and after lunch it crosses until 5.30 to 6 pm and then anchor until the next morning. The next day you will check out for more than an hour.

For this type of cruise you will receive a welcome drink, lunch, evening snacks, tea, dinner and breakfast the following morning. Food is prepared in the boat itself and all boats have their set menu. They prefer your food before reaching Alleppey and storing raw materials in the boat before leaving the coast.

If you are non-vegetarian, you will get rice, vegetables (2types), fishbath, stork, pickles, pappad, Sambar for lunch and chicken, chappathy, rice, vegetarian curry, dal for dinner. If you are a vegetarian, the menu is similar to some changes. It will be Payasam instead of fishfree for lunch and another variety of veg curry instead of chicken for dinner. For breakfast it becomes idly-sambar, omelet and bread jam.

It is always advisable to inform them in advance if you have specific preferences as soon as you start the journey, it is not easy to use commodities. If you have children with you and want more milk or such food, do not forget to inform in advance. During the cruise you can buy shrimp, buy extra fish yourself (if you want). The crew will cook and serve for you.

If you choose A / C Houseboat, unless specifically mentioned A / C is active from 9:00 to 6:00. If you need full-time battery or need extra hours, inform the houseboat operator beforehand. You will be charged extra unless your package is full-time housekeeping. If you want extra battery time, they must carry extra fuel with them and unless you know beforehand that this will be difficult.

Close the windows and doors of your room in the evening on board. As in water and flies can enter the evening. Houseboats are normally parked in a safe place where the owner of houseboat has easy access or is near his home. Houseboats are of different categories and rooms must not be as big as your hotel room.

The biggest disadvantage of houseboat is that if there is a problem with the air conditioning or TV at night, it can not be repaired until the next day. To get an electrician late at night to this stop may not be possible. But such things happen very rarely.

Depending on your interest, go for a 21 hour cruise or take a morning cruise and then stay in a resort in Alleppey or Kumarakom.

Kumarakom and Alleppey Resorts

Kumarakom and Alleppey Resorts:

Kumarakom Resort

Alleppey is famous for Houseboats, backwater resorts and beach while Kumarakom is for Houseboats and backwater resorts. Both are only 30km apart. Both places have descent resorts and houseboats. Depending on the selected option, you can move to that place. You can plan a resort either after a houseboat’s morning cruise or for the following night after a night cruise.

If you have enough days, I always suggest you take a night stay in a resort after your Houseboat cruise. In most cases, you will reach Alleppey or Kumarakom after 3 nights stay in Munnar, Thekkady or in other places and you will definitely be able to relax here.


You can either return to Cochin to retrieve your flight or travel to Kovalam after a relaxing stay.

Make sure you do enough research when choosing a resort in Kumarakom or Alleppey. Make sure the resort is according to your taste because there are few things to do when you are in a Kumarakom / Alleppey resort. You can visit Alleppey Beach in the evening and relax. Some backwater resorts provide additional facilities such as pedal boats, swimming pool and Ayurvedic spa. And there are resorts that offer countryside, fishing and cooking.  This resort can also be in Alleppey, Kumarakom and I also know good backwater resorts on my way to Cochin.

Once you finish Alleppey and Kumarakom, you have several options. It depends on your itinerary. You can also return to Cochin and stay back home or in Cochin the same day and travel to Guruvayoor or Athirapilly-Vazhachal the next day. Or you can move south to Alleppey to visit Kovalam, Trivandrum, Varkala and Kanyakumari. You also have the opportunity to go to Thekkady or Munnar from here if you started the tour of Trivandrum. Alleppey is almost halfway through Trivandrum from Cochin.


Distance to various places of Alleppey

  • Distance from Alleppey to Cochin – 80km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Munnar – 190km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Thekkady – 140km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Trivandrum – 170km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Kovalam – 180km
  • Distance from Alleppey to Kanyakumari – 250km



Varkala lies between Alleppey and Trivandrum and has a good beach. There are several seaside resorts if you want to stay here. Choose this place only if you have additional days or skip this place.

Trivandrum / Kovalam:

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. At Trivandrum you can visit the famous temple of Sree Padmanabhaswamy, Museums, Art Gallery, Zoo. If you are planning to visit the temple, make sure you have the necessary dress to come in. Trousers or jeans are not allowed for both ladies and gentlemen. The temple can be visited 5 to 11 o’clock in the morning or 3 to 6 o’clock in the evening. Visit other places according to your interest and availability.

While at Trivandrum, it is advisable to stay in Kovalam, which is famous for its beach. If you’re really on a tight schedule, an overnight stay is enough, but we recommend staying two nights to fully enjoy this place. If you have two nights in Kovalam, you can visit Trivandrum for one day and the next day you can visit the beaches of Kovalam. Select resort as per your interest in Kovalam.

There are also luxury resorts in Poovar. Poovar is a place just 14 km from Kovalam and is famous for its mouthwater where the backwater and the sea meet! To fully relax, you can extend your stay one night, either in Kovalam or in Poovar.

If Kovalam is your last destination, try to book a Trivandrum return ticket so you can spend enough time at this place and avoid Cochin for 6 to 7 hours. If your return ticket comes from Cochin, try Kovalam to leave at least 8 hours in advance to be on the safer side. And if the return ticket for Cochin’s morning flight / train is, make sure you stay in Cochin, instead of on the last day from Kovalam.

From Kovalam you can do day-visit to Kanyakumari. You can spend a night in Kanyakumari, if you have time. Kanyakumari is 90 km from Trivandrum and is almost 2 hours drive. There is an interpost between Kerala-Tamil Nadu and between.


When starting from Trivandrum, you have the choices to go to Kanyakumari, Varkala, Alleppey, Cochin, from here.

  • Distance to different places of Trivandrum
  • Distance from Trivandrum to Cochin – 250km
  • Distance from Trivandrum to Munnar – 310km
  • Distance from Trivandrum to Thekkady – 270km
  • Distance from Trivandrum to Kovalam – 13km
  • Distance from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari – 90km


Although Kanyakumari is not in Kerala, it is recommended to visit this place if you travel to Trivandrum. Try to have a night in Kanyakumari, so you can see the sunset as well as the sunrise. Make sure you reach Kanyakumari before 4 o’clock to see the sunset. If you are on a tight schedule, a day trip to Kanyakumari from Trivandrum is also recommended.

Guruvayoor Temple

Guruvayoor Temple:


The famous temple of Sree Krishna is in Guruvayoor. Guruvayoor is 90 kilometers, a 2 hour drive from Cochin to the northwest. If you are planning to visit Guruvayoor, it is recommended to spend one night there. Although it is only a 2-hour drive from Cochin, you can expect a long queue and wait around 2 to 4 hours to enter the temple.

If you live overnight, you can visit the temple in the evening if the crowd is less. About 7 o’clock there are many rituals that happen. When I go, I visit the temple at 18 o’clock, have darshan and stay in the temple until 8 o’clock and come back to hotel. Then I wake up at 2.30 and visit the early morning at 3.30pm. During this time the speed will be less and you can quickly enter.

There is an elephant sanctuary near the temple where you can see more than 60 elephants and is a must see place when you visit the Guruvayoor Temple.

Athirapilly Vazhachal Falls

Athirapilly-Vazhachal Falls:

These are the biggest waterfalls in Kerala and are about 70km from Cochin. If you have enough vacation, consider visiting this place. During the visit of Athirapilly you can also stay in Athirapilly or return to Cochin. There are few good resorts in Athirappily-Vazhachal region.

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach:

Cherai is ideal for a beach visit and is only 30 km from Cochin. Or you can stay here or visit here if you have enough time.


Wayanad is about 300km from Cochin to the north. If this is your first destination, try booking a ticket to Calicut. A 3 night stay is recommended, as all of the attractions in Wayanad are not close to each other. If your next destination is to the south, a night stay in Cochin is required, as the journey from Wayanad to Cochin takes 7 to 8 hours. If Wayanad is your last destination, you can book a return ticket from Calicut instead of returning to Cochin.

Hope with the details above, you will now be able to plan your itinerary with the chosen destinations and the number of nights you want to spend in any location.

Get route plan in Kerala

Get route plan in Kerala

Some suggested route plans are mentioned below. Depending on your interest, you can decide on the number of days you want to spend at each destination. You can also skip any place in between. As is also called km, this will help you make the routing easy for your vacation.

Upon Arrival In Cochin

Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) – Thekkady- (160 km) – Alleppey resort – Alleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Cochin

Alleppey resort -Alleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Varkala – (150 km) – Kanyakumari- (90 km) – Trivandrum / Kovalam – Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) (230 km) – Cochin

Cochin – (80 km) – Alleppey resort -Aleppey Houseboat – (210 km) – Kanyakumari- (90 km) – Trivandrum / Kovalam – (230 km) – Cochin

Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) – Thekkady- (160 km) – Alleppey resort -Aleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Cochin – (90 km) – Guruvayoor- (140 km) – Athirapillyvazhachal- Km) – Cochin

Cochin – (300 km) – Wayanad (300 km) – Cochin – (135 km) – Munnar – (110 km) – Thekkady- (160 km) – Alleppey resort -Aleppey Houseboat – (80 km) – Varkala – (150 km) Km) Km) – Kanyakumari – (90 km) – Trivandrum / Kovalam Cochin

Upon Arrival In Trivandrum

Tinkand – Kovalam – (90 km) – Kanyakumari – (150 km) – Varkala – (80 km) – Alleppey Houseboat -Aleppey Resort – (160 km) – Thekkady – (110 km) – Munnar – (135 km) – Cochin

Check The Weather Conditions

Check The Weather Conditions

Kerala has a typical tropical climate around the year. December and January are relatively colder months and the weather starts to warm up from February. April – June are summer months where it can be quite hot and humid.

The southwestern monsoon season from June to September looks like a lot of dry rainfall. Then there is the northeastern monastery running from October to December.

It is also best to plan your trip based on the weather conditions. Hill stations remain cool throughout the year, and you can expect a higher tourist population during the summer months. Kerala is enchanting during the monsoon season, and you can enjoy it again if you are prepared with appropriate rain gear.

Select vehicle in Kerala

Select Vehicle


Choose vehicle according to the number of passengers traveling and the luggage you are wearing. Indica is only proposed if the number of people traveling is three or less than that. For 4 people there is enough luggage and Indica is a vehicle that has no boat space.


In Kerala it is difficult to find an Indica with carrier. If you only travel 2 or 3 people, you need



Better luxury goes for Indigo instead of Indica. If there are 4 to 7 people, choose Tavera and for more luxury Innova can be selected.

If there are 8 or more people in your group, travel in Tempo traveler. Please note that when traveling on this holiday trip you travel

Toyota Inova

About 150km each day, also through hilly areas. If you try to save money by bridging yourself in a vehicle, your journey will not be relaxing. Not only that

Tempo Traveler (12, 14, 17, 19 seat)

Your vehicle will be difficult to pull through hills. There must be room to keep your luggage while selecting the vehicle.


Luggage / Cash / ID card

Try to carry the minimum luggage while traveling. Also try to pay minimal money with you and fewer ornaments. You will find many ATMs in Kerala.

Make an ID card of any person traveling with you. ID card is required upon check-in at hotels.

I hope this article helps you plan your Kerala trip smoothly and to determine the itinerary. You can contact me at for any requirements. I would be the happiest person in this world to clarify you. I can always be reached at 9947876214.

If you find me wrong in the article, I will be open for discussion and will update you the same.

Thank you very much and I wish you a great Kerala experience.

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Here find the best top 25 Travel Attractions and things to do in Mussoorie including Lovely Omelette Centre, Urban Turban , Imperial Square and many mores

While Mussoorie is relatively slower when it comes to doing things in Mussoorie, there are plenty of fun activities for Mussoorie to take pleasure in. If you are thinking about what to do in Mussoorie, make your choice to the cable car to Gun Hill, walk Camel’s Back Road, shopping at the Tibetan bazaar and more. Other than that, you can enjoy a session or two gaming centers in the mall for hours to get the best of all things to do in Mussoorie. Rishikesh Mussoorie Tours



Lal Tibba: This is just as high as in Mussoorie! Lal Tibba is the highest point at 2346 meters above sea level, and a must-see attraction. Surrounded by dense clusters of pine and cedar from the Himalayas, Lal Tibba, you will be able to see some of the most scenic views of the Himalayan Garhwal called Bandarpunch or Hanuman tail. Do not forget to bring your camera – many beautiful pictures taken here!

Lal Tibba: Lal Tibba “Located at an altitude of approximately 2290 meters above the plain Landour, is the highest point of Mussoorie point, formerly known as Depot Hill, due to the presence of a recovery deposit in the region. Moment, it should be placed as the base camp of the Indian military services and Doordarshan and all India Radio stations.

The point is provided with a Japanese telescope which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding areas with many colonial buildings dating age. Kedarnath, Badrinath, Bandarpunch and other Himalayan ranges can be seen from here with the help of the telescope. Offers stunning views of mountain ranges, log cabins, old buildings and dense flora, this peak is a paradise for photographers. Do not forget to bring your camera! Uttarakhand Tour Packages



Kempty Falls: The hotel is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Mussoorie, is the most popular tourist attraction of Mussoorie. Perennial waterfalls from an altitude of about 12 meters. The best part of a visit to the Kempty Falls is the fact that you can take a long cold bath based on the falls! Rishikesh Mussoorie Tours

Mussoorie-Holidays LANDOUR


Landour: This picturesque village on a steep slope about 4 kilometers from Mussoorie, offers an exceptionally refreshing experience with its peaceful and unspoiled surroundings. Landour offers panoramic views of the Himalayas, and is an excellent place for those who want to relax in loneliness. Nainital Ranikhet Corbett Tour



Municipal Garden: The beautiful municipal garden, formerly known as Company Bagh, is an idyllic retreat for both tourists and locals. A visit to this ancient garden, which is adorned with green grass, fountain, mini artificial lake and waterfall, is like a step back in the old colonial days. The garden and the park / garden . About 3 kilometers from Mussoorie, the Municipal Garden is a beautiful picnic spot with a lake and a waterfall in it. Initially known as Company Bagh, the Municipal Garden is the ideal place to spend some time alone or go to a picnic with family and loved ones. Best of Uttarakhand Tour



Happy Valley: The hotel is located about 2 kilometers from the Library Bazaar, is a large Tibetan settlement and a beautiful trail, leading to Cloud’s End, a unique place located on the other side of the city.



Jharipani Falls: Located close to Jharipani village, charming Jharipani Falls is about 7 km from Mussoorie. The breathtaking view of Shivalik Range, types of wildflowers, vines and bushes around the falls will surely enchant you. The natural beauty fascinates everyone to click on the pictures. When the background is a beautiful waterfall, it becomes all the more attractive.

Jharipani Falls, surrounded by wooded hills, is definitely worth a sight. In addition to this one can see the beautiful Doon valley and the area of ​​agriculture step, lying on the other side of the waterfall. Ideal for picnics and adventure this fall is definitely a must. Almora Kausani Tour



Christ Church, Mussoorie: It is believed that the beautiful church of Christ is the oldest in the Himalayan region church. Built in 1836 by the British, this church offers light Gothic architecture. Beautiful Preraphaëlism windows of stained glass, the events in the life of Jesus Christ, fascinate every viewer. Inside the church there is a high altar depiction of the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Other things that attract attention include the beautiful interiors, beautifully decorated walls and a century William Hill organ. The deodar tree planted by the Princess of Wales in 1906 is still in the courtyard of the church. Himachal Pradesh Tours



Camel’s Back Road surrounded by snowy hills and green valleys, Camel’s Back Road is a 4 km stretch between Kulri Library Bazaar and Chowk. The road is so named because of its natural construction, which seems like a camel’s hump. Serenity and surrounding vegetation make this route ideal for refreshing walks.

From the beautiful sunset and sunset views on the lush flora and gorgeous hills, Camel’s Back Road offers many sights to catch. The site is perfect for spontaneous photos with your loved ones against the beautiful background of the Himalayan ranges. From here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Doon Valley. Clad with various food outlets and shops selling traditional crafts and artifacts, this road also serves as a popular meeting place. Apart from the mall and enjoy the atmosphere, you can enjoy horse riding on this road. ” Shimla Tour Packages



Mall Road: The Mall Road Mussoorie offers everything you can expect from a typical India hill station. Restaurants and cafés combine with arcades and souvenir vendors. There are two opposite ends Mall Road, designated as the sides of the library and Palace box by the locals.

The Mall Road through the city and also offers a beautiful view of the green hills and valleys in almost every corner and corner. It is undoubtedly the throbbing vein in Mussoorie that gives life. Manali Tour Packages

gun hill mussoorie


Gun Hill: “The spectacular Gun Hill is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mussoorie. Es the second highest peak in the area after Lal Tibba. Hay an interesting story to the popularity of the hill Gun.

Dice that supports this hilltop, The british used to fire a gun every afternoon to help the natives to tie the tiempo. Capture view perfect view of the snowy hills of the Himalayas and the commercial center of gun hill. Haga know click and click on many photos you Want your friends and family against the mountainous background impressive – every picture is meant to be perfect!

Squeaked 400 feet above the mall, this exciting tourist attraction can be reached via a cableway cable. This peak offers stunning views of the snowy Himalayan ranges, namely Srikantha, Bandarpunch, Pithwara and Gangotri. In addition, it’s a beautiful view of the city of Mussoorie and the Doon Valley makes him totally enchanted. The point has many shops, restaurants and stalls where one can enjoy games like shooting world and heisa. Shimla Manali Tour Packages

kempty falls in mussoorie


Kempty Falls: Far Kempty Falls is the top attraction of Mussoorie Hill Station. This site was developed as a tourist destination by John Mekinan, a British officer in 1835. His name is derived from Falls Camp-Thee- a place where the British tea parties organized. This perennial waterfall is located in the midst of the high mountains, high above 4500 feet above sea level. With the immense natural beauty, the charming Kempty Falls is the perfect place for photography.

Click on the amazing view of the water degorgering of a high altitude and surrounding wooded hills. One of the largest waterfalls in the state, Kempty Falls come from the mountains and flowing down the plains. Swim in the shallow water falls fishing and swimming, there are plenty of activities for the visitors to enjoy. If you are not looking for adventure, enjoy a picnic or just spend a few hours listening to the sound of watering chorrosas. Himachal Travel Package



Clear Lake: Original foggy lake is one of Mussoorie’s most beautiful attractions – Queen of Hills. Surrounded by woods on all sides, this picturesque body of water is an ideal place for relaxing moments with family and friends. Lake Mist is a gem of attraction that radiates beauty at every turn. Bringing a camera is highly recommended as the mountains and waterfalls and the most important, the serene more deeply click. Near the lake, there are several waterfalls being fed by the water of the river Kempty.

Here you can enjoy boating in the waters of emerald green or just enjoying the atmosphere a walk along the lake. To promote tourism, some of the accommodation options and multi-cuisine restaurants are located near the lake. Shimla to Manali via Kinnaur Tour Packages



Nag Devta Temple: The natural beauty and serenity cover Nag Devta ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva – the God wearing a snake around his neck. Every year thousands of believers and tourists visit this sanctuary, especially in the presence of Nag Panchami.

During this festival the temple is beautifully decorated, and a pooja in which snakes or your photos are organized worship. What is most fascinating is that devotees offer milk to snakes live without inhibitions. Mahabalipuram Pondicherry Tours



Wildlife Sanctuary Benog: About 11 km from Library Point, the Wildlife Sanctuary Benog is a part of the popular Rajaji National Park, home to a large number of rare and common animals, such as Himalayan goats, panther, leopard deer and bear One of the most visited tourist destinations in the mountain village of Mussoorie.La view of several native and exotic birds, including red-billed blue exteriors, mountain quail and white water Redtail connected to make this a suitable paradise for birdwatchers. Birds and dense forests, Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect place for fans of the photo. Lots of tourists sincerely can view images when they explore the parque.

Además of a large number of spruce and pine trees, this sanctuary is populated with a number of medicinales plants.A from here You can enjoy spectacular views of the snowy peaks and abundant Bandarpunch.La v Chaukhamba egetación, rich fauna and zeldz Ame birds make this park a blessing for nature lovers and adventure enthusiast S. Visitors can go for a walk to explore the desert of this place. Kaziranga National Park Tour



The end of the cloud: The end of the cloud is a beautiful piece, which is about 6 km from Library Road. Visitors can reach this beautiful natural attraction of hiking along the Hathipaon road from the popular Happy Valley or by car. The road leading to this fascinating place is full of lush flora.

Undeniably, Cloud’s End is an excellent place for refreshing walks or spends a few moments of relaxation amidst unspoiled surroundings. The end of the cloud offers spectacular settings for stunning pictures. The hours of sunrise and sunset are the ideal times when you can click on the best shots.



Happy Valley: The famous Academy IAS, beautiful gardens and beautiful Tibetan temples describe the Happy Valley in the most appropriate way. Geographically, the valley is west of the popular Point Library, on the road leading to the end of the cloud. In 1959, when the Fourteenth Dalai Lama fled in Mussoorie, many Tibetans came here and since this valley served as home. Mountains, gardens, mountain bays and temples are now encouraging photographers of green Happy Valley for many decades.

On your trip to this beautiful attraction of nature blessed, taking a camera is highly recommended. This place exudes immense natural beauty that is bound to leave any fascinated spectator. From gardens, temples and wooded areas, to a visitor there are seemingly endless places to see in Happy Valley. A visit to this paradise valley is an absolute necessity. North East Honeymoon Packages



Himalayas Weavers: Originally Posted by Patricia and Ghayur Alam in 2005, Himalayas Weavers is an organization that strives to promote products that respect the environment. Working with tribal communities – Bhotia and Shilpkar who help in the production of traditional products.

The organization is in the Himalayas hand woven scarves, stools, scarves, pashmina shots and hand-knitting Ladakh. To do this, they use natural dyes and fibers lack chemicals. Natural used in the manufacturing materials wool Himalayas tesu, indigo, Granada, chalk, harada, henna and lacquer. Handmade yarn gives a soft touch to each product. Due to the great emphasis on the doing and the material used, the products are brighter, lighter and softer. In order to reach her range, they have opened stores in Mussoorie and Dehradun.



Temple Jwala Devi: “The ancient temple of Jwala Devi is perched on the Benog Tibba, at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level dedicated to the goddess Durga, this beautiful temple is a stone statue of the goddess in the inner sanctuary. The temple is a pleasure for nature lovers, too.

The temple site is surrounded by towering hills, lush vegetation and small streams, each of which is a pleasure fotógrafo. Para to make your trip to create events and memories, click on these natural miracles that are even more attractive Are from the top of the hill.

From the top of the hill, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the beautiful city of Mussoorie, the beautiful Shivalik Range and the lush and rich Yamuna Valley. The path to the temple, which is covered with pine and cedar from the Himalayas trees, is an attraction in itself. For an enriching experience, do not forget to include a binoculars to get a clear view of the distant natural attractions that get

which are truly breathtaking.



Mussoorie Adventure Park: Mussoorie Adventure Park was founded in 2003 with the purpose of offering exciting adventurous activities for vigilants and those who are young in heart. Performed by Real Adventure Sports, part of Xtreme Adventure Sports Company, this park is one of the largest adventure tourism providers in the region. Supported by well trained and experienced, Mussoorie Adventure Park strives to offer every visitor a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience. From the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the alpine forests and meadows of high altitude dense, there are many beautiful landscapes that you can capture while enjoying in Mussoorie Adventure Park. Make sure you click genuine photos while enjoying the exciting adventurous activities.

The park is known for sports such as rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, camping and climbing. In addition to these exciting activities like skiing, hiking by the sky, crossing the valley, parallel ropes, climbing and zip line are also offered. Adventurers will be happy to know that this park has one of the lines longer and higher shooting in the Himalayas. Belt lines are managed under the guidance of experts from Colorado, USA. In order to meet the thirst for adventure, no better place Mussoorie Adventure Park – worth a visit!

For an insightful experience, you can read religious books that have been preserved for decades in the temple. Located in the picturesque Happy Valley, this temple offers stunning views of the snow-covered mountains and green valleys of Mussoorie.



Shedup Choepelling Temple: Temple Choepelling Shedup, commonly known as the Tibetan Buddhist Temple, is one of the most popular shrines in the region. Founded by the Tibetan community in Mussoorie, this sanctuary is a great example of Tibetan architecture. Bright interior walls, clay lights, prayer flags and surrounding flowers bloom add immense beauty to this sanctuary. Around this temple they are adorned with snow-covered hills and lush flora that make beautiful pictures. Bring a mega camera to click broader landscapes. For an insightful experience, religious books that have been preserved can be read for decades in the temple.

Located in the picturesque Happy Valley, this temple offers stunning views of the snow-covered mountains and green valleys of Mussoorie. The beautiful view of Mussoorie will surprise you while experiencing Sky Ride. Nature is untamed and is truly in the most artistic form here; Yes, click on the pictures is required. The scenic view of the dense forests, towering peaks, rivers and small huts requires every visitor to click. Do not forget to bring your camera. Pilgrimage Tours in India



Sky Ride Mussoorie Adventure Park: Offered in Mussoorie Adventure Park, Sky Ride is one of the highest zip line (600 feet) in India. Measuring 800 feet long, this ziplining ride takes an individual from one side to the other at speeds that can reach 90 km / h. For those who are young and want to experience an adrenaline rush, this tour is a must-have activity.

While enjoying this ride, you can enjoy panoramic views across the city overlooking Mussoorie. The pleasure of flying over lush oak forests, alpine, cedar, pines, rhododendron and a beautiful wildlife reserve Mussoorie is truly an unforgettable experience.

The beautiful view of Mussoorie will surprise you while experiencing Sky Ride. Nature is untamed and is truly in the most artistic form here; Yes, click on the pictures is required. The scenic view of the dense forests, towering peaks, rivers and small huts requires every visitor to click. Do not forget to bring your camera.



Area Snow Adventure “Adventure Area Snow is a special organ of The Real Adventure Sports (TRAS) – a tourist company good conocida. Para offer exciting adventure sports, this area promises an exciting experience for those offering young heart and adventurers, of poles To the valley (360 feet), flying fox, hiking, skywalk, climbing, abseiling, camping and many more activities offered here are many stitches.

The beautiful mountain scenery is undoubtedly the perfect environment to click on the picture next to this Whimsical activities, the area is renowned for its full natural beauty that radiates beautiful mountains, oak, alpine forests, colorful pastures and apple trees. This place allows you to view panoramic views of the Doon valley, deep gorges and the Great Himalayas. Manas National Park Tour



Mountain Quarter Shrine of Vinog: Sanctuary Mountain Quail Vinog, also known as Wildlife Sanctuary Benog, 1993. This beautiful shrine, covering an area of ​​about 339 hectares, was established in the year is a paradise for birdwatchers. It is the home of Pahari Bater or Quarters of the Mountain, last seen in 1876. Lush vegetation, Aglar River and the snowy mountains come together to make this beautiful sanctuary. Each curve, curve and angle of this natural treasure radiates beauty, which keeps visitors clicking! Finding native and exotic birds here is worth catching. The natural essence and scenic location are the main stimulants that attract visitors to this sanctuary in large numbers. The Aglar River (a tributary of the Yamuna River) flows through this sanctuary, adding to the general appeal. In addition, visitors can see the mountains of Chaukhamba and Bandarpunch covered with snow from here. Bandhavgarh Kanha Tours , For more information about visit Travel Agents in India , and Holiday Packages in India




There is no doubt that India is a country of diversity; Diversity in landscapes, cultural diversity, linguistic diversity, etc. It is the vastness of their heritage and the beauty of the places that transform into a fairytale country. Speaking of the breaks, there are several; By purpose, time, budget and mood. You only need one reason or better to say a break to explore its versatility, from Ladakh’s rough temperament to wavy touch of Pondicherry and the golden sands of Rajasthan to the history of the Nalanda University’s ruins, in every scan There is a new face of “Incredible India” visitors displacing this beautiful country of South Asia usually being confused that are the best places to be included in your vacation route or where to go in India during the moesson. But you must be a lover of rain and a hard soul to enter here if India is not short of fascinating places. Watch this wonderful holiday moesson definitely a magic spell and fill your holiday with adventurous memories she will cherish forever.

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Monsoon Destinations in South India


Munnar Ultimate Place to fall in Love


A destination for honeymooners, family tourists, wildlife seekers, adventure lovers and nature lovers Munnar is undoubtedly an ideal place to just fall in love! Given the topography full of plantations extensive tea, green valleys, valleys, brooks, cliffs, and of course rough rocks give the break as needed at the speed of sight, this oasis of Kerala is at its best revitalizing form during the monsoon. South India Tour Packages

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Trekking, bird watching, hiking and tourism, especially beautiful waterfalls.

Kodaikanal Land of Magical Vistas


Another fascinating destination monsoon in India, Kodaikanal symbolizes the name “The Gift of the Forest” in the true sense. With the sun and clouds clogging with each other, and sometimes hammering it, it’s really spectacular to see the fresh look of this hill station of Tamil Nadu and smell the scent of mud washed by rain. But planning your visit during the rainy season only if you dare to treat monsoon madness. Hampi Tour

Monsoon Period: July And August

Best Activity: Hiking, cycling and tourism, but high risk of landslides due to slippery mountains

Coorg: Fusion of Beauty and Tranquility


If you’re in Coorg during the rainy season, then it’s natural to have a smile of a million dollars! Just head out and enjoy the barn just to break a spectacular view of Coorg. The fresh wind, pleasant climate, fog covered, and fresh green views are some of the results they admire the period of dew in the area. Do not miss the rich smell of hot coffee! Coorg Bekal Tour

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Excursions but take into account the lixivia’s and snakes and do not try any extreme adventure activity.

Athirapally Kerala—Perfect Combo of Calmness and Wilderness


As we begin the trip to Athirapally and when you leave here, you will realize why it is said that the desired place is Moesson in Kerala. Commonly known as the “Niagra of India”, Athirapally Falls is the most popular attraction in the area and it seems surprising during the monsoon. Follow the steep path to the falls and enjoy the music whispering of birds that perfectly synchronize with the loud voice of the waterfall. Kerala Tour Packages

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Excursions but take into account the lixivias and snakes and do not try any extreme adventure activity.


Wayanad No doubt Wayanad is one of the best hill stations in South India. And this means there is no lack of beautiful natural views. But what makes it so special is the Wayanad adventurous side. The strategic location between the mountains of West Ghats gives travelers enormous chances to go hiking, climbing, walking, etc. And to the delight of the holidaymakers, the place also has a special monsoon festival 3 days ‘Splash’ to paint Wayanad As the most popular place moesson in india.

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Trekking, Walking and Tourism


If you want to enjoy Moesson Kumarakom is the place to enjoy. The arrival of Renova sparkling appearance of this peninsula makes emerald green a series of images. Feel the tension and the kilter of weeks in Ashtamudi and Vembanad with heavy wind so you fall on your knees. But it is good to keep an umbrella along with you wherever you go in Kumarakom. Kerala Luxury Package

Monsoon Period: June To September

Best Activity: Ayurvedic therapies and bird-watching

Alleppey Sensuous Touch of Mother Nature


Like other tourist spots in Kerala, Alleppey also has a green appearance during the monsoon, but it still counts as one of the best places to visit in Moesson. So what separates him from others? Step into this scenic city and you will soon realize that this as soon as the fuse monson water with ripples on the lake. See the transformants shadows around the enjoyment of a Kerala fish curry and spicy baked Karimeen. A Shikara ride is another interesting attraction and never losing monsoon in Alleppey. Alleppey Tour Packages

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Shikara ride, fishing, tourism and enjoy delicious local delicacies.


Mahabaleshwar Blend of Spirituality and Beauty


In general, it is advised to avoid traveling during the Mahabaleshwar moesson, but if you have an adventure freak and love wet in the rain go to this Maharashtra hill station. The place has actually been transformed into a paradise with the beginning of the rain. Cool weather, cool breezes, refreshing forest views and the tranquil atmosphere make it one of the best places to visit in India during the moesson. Pune Mahabaleshwar Shirdi Package

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Tourism

Khandala Legend of Sahyadris


Driving just 3 km from Lonavala Khandala to reach a mountainous country is located in the foothills of Sahyadris range or, better said, the West Ghats. Despite the height of only 625 meters (compared to other hill stations of India) above sea level, Khandala has its own fans and visitors. The place serves as a great time and weekend walk place for people who live nearby, especially for Mumbai, but with the beginning of drizzle, the scenic beauty of flowers rather than like a garden of ancient memories.

Monsoon Period: June-August

Best Activities: Walking

Goa The Much Needed Break


There are many reasons to visit Goa during the monsoon. Some of his popular festivals such as Sao Joao-the Santos Pedro and Paul and Bonderam Flag Carnival celebrations fall in the rainy season, bringing a fresh wind of vitality around this little happiness. Along with this enthusiasm, the rains started with a charm of magic in nature, also with attraction such as the Mollem National Park, Dudh Sagar Falls and the Mandovi River, with stunning views of the Goa sand cover. Taj Exotica Goa

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Trekking in Amboli Ghats and Cotigao and rafting on the Mandovi River


LONAVLA: ENGAGING GREEN CARPETLonavla Captivating Green Carpet

Lonavla or Lonavala is a perfect choice for a stay in the rainy season. As soon as you visit, you will find literal charm in this small mountainous package of Pune. Green fantastic views, beautiful waterfalls, ponds and some beautiful tourist attractions make Lonavla an eye-catcher during the monsoon. With heavy clouds bouncing over his head and Karla Caves and Fort Visapur to take you back in the bygone era, Lonavla emerges as a wonderfully relaxing place. Lonavala Mahabaleshwar Package

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Tourism

Panchgani A Date with Rain


Drive around 5 hours to Mumbai Panchgani, a small hill station located in the lush Western Ghats. The place is not so popular among honeymooners, but its attraction wetty is enough to stay here for hours or days. Venna Lake, Lingmala Falls, Table Country, horse riding and more things to do and see adding a bang on his Panchgani trip. Celebrate Monsoon with some hot local dishes served in restaurants near the lake.

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Tourism

Leh Ladakh Journey down the Memory lane


Mussoorie An Eye catching Beauty


A great place to consider; To conquer a huge amount; A home to revive and escape a path to the moon, visit Leh Ladakh and get lost in endless beauty. A favorite for adventure lovers, this remote destination of India is truly a place of contrasting beauties: hilly hills desert-crystalline lakes, serene Buddhist monasteries-colorful festivals. Unlike other destinations in India, the monsoon period is considered the best time to capture Leh Ladakh in its memory. Leh Ladakh Tours

Monsoon Period: Ladakh Not Affected By The Monsoon

Best Activity: Trekking, Jeep Safaris and Bikes

Mussoorie An Eye catching Beauty


You can not ignore the addition of this emerald beauty of Uttarakhand in India moesson travel. Blessed with the beauty of the hills, exotic flora and fauna, and stunning views of the Doon Valley and Shivalik range, Mussoorie is really great during the rainy season. It’s really great to get a glimpse of the clear blue sky with green view. Rishikesh Mussoorie Tours

Moesson Period: July-September

Best Activity: Tourism

Kausani A Nature Trail to Trek


When it comes to the best places to visit in India during the moesson, Kausani is proud to be one of the favorites. Individuals who have perfect and unobstructed views of the Himalayan would explore this Uttarakhand gem. It is year-round destination, but if you want a glimpse of the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature, then visit this place from July to September.

Moesson Period: July-September

Best Activity: Look at the tops of Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, Panchachuli and Chaukhamba of the Himalayas, along with trekking.

Manali Spectacular Show above the Sea


It’s really a good idea to start exploring the Indian moesson in the northern region. And the main stop will surely be Manali. Nobody can escape the perfect harmony of green landscapes and snowy mountain peaks. Although it is a bit difficult to travel to Manali during the rainy season, but for adventure lovers it is best time to get the destination. Shimla Manali Tour Packages

Moesson Period: July-September

Best Activity: Trekking

Shimla Gateway to Himalayasshimla


Dew feeling in the sky that minimizes the buzz of the hot sun, it’s time to go to Shimla, one of the stations most popular and beautiful Indian mountains. Showers show their game in Shimla on a routine basis, but cannot expel the charm of this enchanting city. Happiness walk lanes in the fog or enjoy your favorite coffee at a road restaurant or just enjoy the rest of the raindrops looking magical on their own. Dalhousie Dharamshala Amritsar Tour

Moesson Period: July-September

Best Activity: Exploration

Jaipur Fresh Breeze of Rain Romance



After the sizzling summer it’s time to celebrate the beginning of the monsoon, especially if you’re looking for a trip to Jaipur. Because it is an architectural gem, the city comes alive with a fresh new image of its forts and palaces during the rainy season. Cloudy sky above your head brings a big break to the warm sunny days of sunshine, leaving Jaipur one of the most desirable country outing monsoon. Delhi Agra Jaipur Luxury Tours

Monsoon Period: June-September

Best Activity: Sightseeing

Udaipur Place of Ripples


If you really want to visit Udaipur and again and again, then this plan is timetable in the monsoon period. Life in Udaipur, like the beautiful lakes, is in its full bloom during these magic spells clouds. Delicious taste ‘dil Jani’ or give a pepper of taste buds Dal Batti Churma treatment is another great treat Udaipur Moesson. Do not forget to capture their memories of Moesson in the lens. Jodhpur Udaipur Tour Package

Moesson Period: July-September

Best Activity: tourism and boating

Mount Abu A Scenic Vista amidst Desert


Because it’s a hill station, Mount Abu is a place all year long, but it is striking to see this charming destination when clouds cover air and water drops on the ground. Mount Abu is the right choice for those who provide the perfect dosage of nature, spirituality and adventure. There are numerous temples spread throughout the place. In addition to the beauty of these green view waterfalls are filled with water and the beautiful mountains romancing with fog. Udaipur Mount Abu Tour Package

Monsoon Period: August-September

Best Activities: Walking and trekking

Sightseeing and trekking in India


When it rains heavy Pushkar in other parts of India, stand up for a beautiful trip to Pushkar not only for the dust balls that you scream or leave the hot sun that gives the tan. But to explore the beautiful and relaxing side of Rajasthan. It’s only during the monsoon the famous Pushkar Lake throws its dry look. Imagination is more romantic than a wake up call peacock, a camel riding in the early morning, a walk through the market as a scout, enjoying spicy Rajasthani dishes, watching the sunset and sunrise listening to folk songs! Rajasthan Desert Tour

Pushkar Journey to Relish

Moesson Period: July-September

Best Activity: Tourism

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Place To Visit At Port Blair for Honeymoon Vacation

About Port Blair

About Port Blair

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar with beautiful little museums, is a cluster of tin-roofed buildings that wander to the north, east and west and peter in fields and forests in the south. The beaches have a white sand and coral reef and unspilled sparkling water.

The rare flora and fauna, underwater sea life and corals, with crystal clear waters and mangrove basins with unfulfilled fresh air draw every nature lover who tries absolute peace and rest in the mother’s lap. Forest Trekking Short Trip to Andaman

History of Port Blair

History of Port Blair

The history of Port Blair is linked to the history of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. But the first settlement by the British took place in 1789. The second settlement was, in fact, a criminal settlement, adopted in 1858, after the first independence war.

The cellular prison was built to punish Indian Freedom fighters. The punishment was the beginning of the painful story of the massive and terrible prison on Viper Island, followed by the Cellular Failure. Ferry ride to Havelock Island- Port Blair 3 Nights Package

Culture of Port Blair

Culture of Port Blair

People Of All Believers – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc., And of all languages ​​like Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Nicobari, etc., Living together in complete peace and harmony. Intergovernmental and interregional marriages are common. This amazing racial and cultural mix is ​​correctly described as Mini India.

General information of Port Blair

General information of Port Blair

Place to visit in Port Blair

Port Blair, the capital of this Union area is approximately 1200 km from the east coast of the mainland.

How To Reach in Port Blair

How To Reach in Port Blair

By Plane

Port Blair is well connected to Chennai, Calcutta and Car Nicobar. And there are ships flying from Calcutta, Chennai and Visakhapatnam. But the trip of Visakhapatnam is very volatile. Places to visit in Andaman Island – Port Blair Havelock Honeymoon Packages

Per Track

A railroad does not connect the islands with the mainland, but there is a railway station at the secretariat.

On The Road

Port Blair is the main center. To access the island from the mainland one must first come to the capital, Port Blair and then to other islands that have local transport available. Air and sea connect it. Places to visit in Andaman Island – Port Blair Havelock Packages

Climate of Port Blair

The climate is warm and sunflowers in the summer and cool and sunny in winter.

Tourist Attractions In Port Blair

Cellular Jail (National Memorial)

Cellular Jail, Port Blair

Tours And Travel Andaman And Nicobar

Now transformed into a national memorial, Cellular Failure was built to punish Indian Freedom fighters. Located in Port Blair, it’s a bad witness of the tortures that were dropped out of the freedom fighters who were locked in this prison. The prison acquired the name, cellular because it consists entirely of individual cells for the lonely delivery of the prisoners. A small museum at the entrance gate shows lists of convicts, pictures and ugly torture devices. This prison consists of seven wings emanating from a central tower. The criminal settlement settled here by the British after the First Independence War in 1857 was the beginning of the painful story of the massive and terrible prison on the Viper Island, followed by cellular prison. Prison is now a pilgrimage for all freedom that loves people, preserved as a sanctuary to testify to those who were killed and killed here and there.

Wandoor Beach Andaman


Just 29 km from Port Blair is this beautifully beautiful group of islands. The 15 islands form part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. If on a trip from Port Blair, Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands are also visited. Mangrove beek, tropical rainforest and reef enhance the scenic beauty of the islands, which support nearly 50 types of corals. There are some good beaches at Wandoor, but watch out for the strong currents. Do not watch the coral reefs as they get damaged. In fact, many are already damaged. The Wandoor Marine Park includes the uninhabited North and South Cinque. Cinque islands are among the most beautiful islands in the Andaman’s. It is surrounded by pristine coral reefs. Only day trips are allowed and permission from the forest department is required.

Ross island beach


Ross Island Port Blair Travels Andaman and Niobrara’s the administrative headquarters of the British, this place has been abandoned today. Once surrounded by lawned lawns and umbrellas, the daily services are held in the church, but now the forest and under the growth have been taken over. Peacocks and trees walk here. The place is ruined and very sad, but it is worth taking a look. A look at the small museum gives an idea of ​​how this place should be looked after at that time. Places to visit in Andaman Island – Port Blair Havelock Neil Island Packages


Seven miles from the city of Port Blair, it is one of Andaman’s most beautiful beaches. Close by is the Snake Island surrounded by coral reefs. Although the water is very seductive, it is advisable not to swim in this water as the flow is very strong. Where to stay at Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Andaman Honeymoon Packages

Havelock Island


Havelock Islands Port Blair vacation packages Andaman and NicobarIt are 45 km from Port Blair. This island is full of Bengali settlers. The main attraction of these islands is not the picturesque white sandy beaches or turquoise waters or the coral reefs but the dolphins, turtles and very big fish attract most tourists.


This beautiful park in Port Blair has facilities such as children’s park, theme park, theme park, deer and Bird Park, water sports, nature trail, lake, garden, restaurant and Japanese temple as well as a bunker. The former Dilthaman Tank, the only source of drinking water for Port Blair, has been developed into Gandhi Park in an incredibly short period of 13 days.

neil islands andaman


Neil Island Port Blair Islands Tours Andaman and Nicobar these mostly Bengal populated islands are 40 km from Port Blair and offer good beaches for snorkeling. Although some corals are damaged, it is still a very nice place to be. Here the beach is numbered and beach number 1 has a number of beautiful hammocks under trees, which are very popular among the campers. Fresh water is also good. One can watch very large fish from these islands. But it will be difficult to cross the corals to the sea during the low times.


Other Attraction Port Blair

Water sports complex – A unique sports complex in India, of its own kind, has facilities for safe water sports such as rowboats, paddle boats, kayaks, aqua bikes, aqua slide, boats, etc., and adventurous water sports such as water skiing, water scooters, twin boats.

mini zoo port blair andaman and nicobar islands

Mini Zoo & Bosmuseum

Mini Zoo & Bosmuseum – Port Blair has a small zoo that contains some of the rare and extinct species found anywhere in the world, including the Nicobar Duck and the Andaman Pond. Many crocodiles were bred here and are now in wild waters between the dense mangrove forests.

Mt. Harriet & Madhuban

Mt. Harriet & Madhuban – One can take a ferry service from Chatnam Wharf to Bamboo Flat. From there you can take a car to Mt Harriet which is 365 m. A natural path goes to the top and you can have a comfortable stay in the forest cottage.

Mt. Samudrika Naval Maritime Museum

Mt. Samudrika Naval Maritime Museum

Mt. Samudrika Naval Maritime Museum – This is an excellent primer when you go to the remote islands. It has a superlative shell collection and informative displays on various aspects of local marine biology. The exhibitions in the Anthropological Museum dedicated to the Andaman and Nicobar.

Port Blair

Other Excursions in Port Blair



CHIRIYA TAPU – A small fishing village with beaches and mangroves, Chiriya Tapu are 30 km. From Port Blair. From Chiriya Tapu there is a beach known for snorkeling. For more details on the India Holiday Packages promoted by Swan Tours visit