How to Travel In The Winter When You Are Poor: The Definitive Guide

Students are among the most important groups known as traveling enthusiasts and in most cases winter holidays are the best holiday time for them, and they always look for places that can be visited during those long holidays. The holiday also gives them the pleasure of traveling, because it also implies the holidays, namely Christmas. Students who do not like to visit local places because they want a memorable and classic place, so they feel good about themselves when they talk about their holidays with their classmates when they open the schools again in January. The fact that most students are full-time students only depends on the money offered by their parents and how much they want to visit prominent places, they are not able to pay for such places, and some of the expensive services offered for a fantastic holiday. They could have saved money for that, but in the end the money is even lower and the winter holidays are already there.


Staying with the locals at the specific place where you travel also helps to save money. The relationship with one of the local residents or a group of local residents will help you to go from the book with expensive tourists to the new register of local residents, who will ensure that you receive all services at minimum prices instead of the expensive tourist. . Costs The locals can also offer you a place to spend your nights and rest days where you can get a bed or even a couch, but since it is not there to stay for long, that does not hurt, but in fact it creates a better relationship with the local people who show their appreciation and that you are a modest person. There are a number of online sites that help people meet great friends to surf the bank and also on current trends. There are surf groups that always support tourists to make great friends with the locals. It is not necessary to pay the accommodation fee. The price of each service is automatically subsidized by the local population, and this is an effective way for poor students to enjoy winter holidays without having to worry about the expensive costs of accommodation in the new place of visit.


In addition, it is possible to be a less important tourist, where you have easy access to the most economical tourist guides, affordable accommodation, efficient shared travel services and even well-cooked affordable meals, including homemade meals made by locals. This will help to spend the minimum price for all these services, which is equal to the expensive costs for expensive tourists, and the only difference is the people who offer the services, but offer the same. The good relationship with the local population will benefit the benefit of a sober advice on cheap food and supermarkets, cheap travel services, affordable restaurants and the best and most affordable places to visit. No matter how many websites help with such options, the local population is much better informed than the people who manage these websites. That is why a good friendship with the local population will help to save money for poor students who want to enjoy their winter holidays during great trips.

Elevators will also help eliminate travel costs. Students have an additional advantage because the public has a clear picture that there is a group of university students who are not doing well and who also need their help. Students can request free rides by indicating drivers with the right gestures, which differ in each country, but are clearly indicative. There are no strict elevator rules and therefore it is not a crime. People will offer free trips to different places and eventually students arrive at their destination without spending a lot of money on transport. That is why travel to the location of that dream is achieved without the need to spend money on the trip and leaving students with enough money for the services offered within the chosen holiday locations, because they can also hitch a ride. Back.


Students can also decide to prepare their meals to reduce the cost of eating in restaurants. For people who surf the bank, this is a bit cheap, because they only have to buy the ingredients and use the kitchens of their hosts to prepare a meal. Here you save a large sum of money. For small tourists staying in the affordable home, you should always ask for favors where they can use their kitchen, even if this is the kitchen rather than having access to a restaurant every day for every meal. You are also not traveling to eat. Why spend a lot on food than on the activities of that trip. Be simple and cook personal meals and eat from the restaurants from time to time, it is not a crime.



Walking through towns and villages is always a cheaper way to have fun on holiday. There are some excellent views of the main cities, but also on different cities. Walking helps you discover something unique about the place and have fun, as well as enjoying different views from different corners of the city. You can use the tallest building in the city to view the whole city, which is simply an incredible sight. Moreover, there is always an important location or rather a respectable landscape in every city. This gives you the ability to access and even have images to create a large memory in a particular city or city. The money spent to travel around the city to look around is saved or removed from the budget. For this reason, the economic activities for the poor students of the university are there and can be used during the summer holidays.

In addition, there are so many cheap trips nowadays that are affordable. Several travel planners have presented their shippers because the competition for such activities has been increasing lately. In addition, there are occasionally cheap trips on some new sites that want to promote and advertise their presence or their services. They offer subsidized trips with the best activities, but at a low price to attract a large number of people. These are some of the cheap trips that university students always have to keep in mind. Because the winter holidays are full of excellent holidays and a large number of people are available, several companies have a number of subsidiaries under their care and better services, and sometimes there are some bonuses and prizes that have to be paid. I am sure that all university students are well informed about new trends and those opportunities should not be missed. Also winning free flights today is also easy. There are several offers that you can collect, after you have registered specifically for travel credits, and have a free flight to your destination, which will be the best experience, because not paying for a flight of a higher category is not so is simple as it can be. sonar. . Airlines also have offers that can land on a free flight. Simply log on to their websites and you will receive all offers by e-mail and try with them. That is why such offers will enable poor university students to have an excellent winter holiday.

Even poor students can enjoy excellent winter vacations in different places. They can get free flights and lifts to travel for free, they can choose a cheap trip to any part of the world, they can surf the couch to reduce their stay costs, and they can prepare their food from time to time and locally eat prepared grinders. . They can also build good relationships with the local population to identify all the cheap services available with the help of the local population. That is why winter holidays cannot be lost in the name of affordability or money. Everything has an alternative.

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Explore Adventure, Family Vacation Near Delhi

When it comes to family adventure vacations in the Delhi area, we have many options. We live in Delhi or in the National Capital Region (NCR), we are only one step away from Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, all warm for a family adventure vacation.

When I say family, it means my husband, my daughter and me. We also take our niece and our cousins ​​on vacation. Because both my husband and I were on a full-time family adventure vacation, this often meant traveling alone with my daughter. It was weird when we three made a trip together! Now that I’ve canceled my work, I hope our record improves! For me, the most important family holidays were the following.

Trekking to Jamadi in Himachal Pradesh

Many people travel to Manali, but no more. There is another world out there, a little more than Manali. My daughter Chhavi and I started our adventure from Jagatsukh, which is only six kilometers from Manali. Our favorite guide Ramakant Sharma lives there. He is a brave soul. He took two mothers and two children on a walk to Jamadi, along with his team. We keep things easy, when it comes to walking. We have walked a total of three days. The children only found it difficult the second day. Chhavi loved collecting wildflowers and he liked the rain less! That was your opinion about our Trek Jamadi!

Walking Towards Deoria Tal In Uttarakhand

Deoria Tal is a beautiful lake near Ukhimath in Uttarakhand. The nearest village head is Saari. The lake runs 3 km uphill from there. Chhavi was too small when we went there. She sat on a pony and went down all the way. The lake receives beautiful reflections of the Himalayan series, especially Chaukhamba, but all we got were clouds. I was disappointed but the boy was not. She was busy doing parathas in the dhabha and talked to the local woman who gave her wild nuts to eat. Chhavi has shared her cookies with her in return.

Walking to Triund with Pope in Himachal Pradesh

Chhavi went to Triund last year with Seshadri. She would go on horseback, but the bangs she threw halfway. The girl walked the rest of the way alone! But it was too strenuous for her. The height was also high for her. They ran to Lake Kareri the next day to relax in the future.

Lake Kareri in Himachal Pradesh

Kareri is a small village near Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The lake with the same name is about 10 km from the town. Chhavi and Seshadri visited Kareri Lake together, after which I could not touch the leaves. Chhavi went to the lake again on a pony. There he saw the snow for the first time and also tried to make a snowman! Homestay is your only option in the village.

Camping in the Ganges, Uttarakhand

Chhavi is now too small for raft. But she had a gala camp on the Ganges River near Shivpuri. Shivpuri is near Rishikesh. His favorite activity was playing with sand. She is much older than crawling. But I was so excited to live by the sand that crawled on all fours most of the time! She also had a gala time to practice kayaking.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

I’d say you take your son to a wildlife sanctuary instead of a zoo! They would appreciate the animal kingdom better. Chhavi has already been to Sariska 4 times. Sariska is close to Delhi, even closer to Gurgaon. If you like to drive, you can take your car. If it is not possible to take the Shatabdi Express train, it is perfectly logical. Go to Alwar and take a local bus to Sariska.

We all went together three years last year, But Seshadri refused to go on safari! Chhavi and I like to go on safari. This was his second safari in nature. Proudly he told a group of adults on his first safari: “I know because I’ve been here before.”

I hope my message offers you adventurous family vacation ideas that you can enjoy!

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Exploring The Northeastern Part Of India

It is very strange that the most beautiful part of India, the northeastern region, is much less explored by travelers traveling through India than many other cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Calcutta. In fact, this region is connected to the rest of the country by close countries of Butane and Bangladesh. In fact, this whole area was not connected to the outside world until the end time.

The problem is that there are a lot of tensions in this beautiful part of India, The flight from a large number of Bengali to the country and tribal habits of many of the inhabitants of the area, and the fact that the tribes fought in themselves created a number of problems. However, tourists traveling to India are never the target of any of these conflicts. The situation has also improved considerably over the years.


Northeast India has a variety of cities and landscapes that certainly attract the attention of thousands of tourists who are spending their holidays in India to explore the area. The area has a wonderful variety of animals, plants and flowers that represent as much as 50% of Indian biodiversity.

One of the most important regions of Northeast India is Assam. Strongly dominated by the Brahmaputra River. The valley of this river is surrounded by the foothills of the Himalayas on one side and the hills of Meghalaya on the other, and offers tourists who travel to India wonderful opportunities to enjoy nature, like everywhere in the world.

The region is also famous for producing oil and tea because it produces over 50% of the country’s tea. Most tea plantations were actually founded by British settlers when they occupied the region. They also have many golf clubs in the region. Many of the travelers who love their holidays in India would like to explore remote cities and areas outside the tourist route.

Located in the capital of the Assam region, the Guwahati temple is the center of the Kali cult in the country that stands out for its architecture and its historical importance. Other attractions in the region include the Kaziranga National Park. The most interesting attraction in the area is undoubtedly Majuli, the largest river island in the world. This island is home to many traditional temples in India and attracts a large number of travelers traveling through India.

Guwahati is another important city in the region. Gawahati, overlooking the Brahmaputra River, is the center of the region and the main starting point for any tour in the region. This is the reason why tourists who travel to India have to spend one or two nights in the city.

Far away from a number of beautiful Indian temples, the city houses many interesting local bazaars that sell simple artisan productions such as baskets. This is an addition to tea, the most important product of the region. Travelers who spend their holidays in India can also visit the tea collection center of the region.

Tourists who travel to India and visit the northeast of the country often visit the Umananda temple. Located on the Peacock Island on the Brahmaputra River, the extraordinary location and landscape in which the temple is located are more remarkable than the temple itself. However, tourists can meet beautiful animals, such as different species of monkeys and rhinos.

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The Traditional Crafts Of India

No other country in the world compares to India with art and different crafts, The Indian cunning enjoys a great diversity, special attention to details and especially to some beautiful colors. Many travelers who travel through India often buy different traditional craft products to take home as souvenirs or gifts or friends and loved ones. Today we would explore some of the most beautiful handicrafts in India

Metal Work

Talented artisans from India can turn brass and bronze into attractive trays, plates, ashtrays, cups and bowls. The fine metal work of India can be found largely in northern Rajasthan. Tourists traveling to India are often encouraged to buy those beautiful memories.

There are also the famous works of Bidri, where the craftsmen inlaid with different beautiful designs in copper or perhaps silver are of more value. The Bidri collection includes jewelry boxes, ornate plates and many other items. These beautiful products can be a great gift to give to your friends after a wonderful holiday in India.

In the southern part of the country, it is copper crafts that dominate a lot. This is where artisans still make images of the Hindu gods in the old traditional method. A model of the image was carved in wax and then surrounded by clay. When the wax melts, the terracotta mold is used to produce copper images. This is another great memory to enjoy your holidays in India.

Carpet And Rugs Made By Hand

One of the most popular handicrafts in India is undoubtedly handmade carpets and rugs. Especially Kashmir carpets are famous all over the world due to their beautiful shades and the highest quality. Made of wool, silk or a combination of both, a Kashmir rug is quite familiar among tourists who travel to India.

There are also the Dhurries that are considered as an older type of handmade rugs. These are usually wool and are much cheaper than Kashmir carpets. There are also Tibetan rugs that are sold in many tourist cities that are often visited by large tourists who travel to India.

Leather Products

Leather products in India are usually quite good and are often sold at very good prices. These products are not usually made from cowhide. In many cases they are made of camel leather. However, they are quite good in quality and very competitive prices. This is the reason why different travelers traveling through India buy leather products.

There is also the famous Jootis. These incredible colorful shoes are popular throughout India. In Delhi, for example, tourists who enjoy their holidays in India do not sell these beautiful paintings.

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It is known for its luxury resorts and spectacular weather. But what else has Dubai to offer at this time of year? Think of fantastic Christmas lights, epic fireworks displays and first class stores, to name a few! As the United Kingdom gets colder and the days are getting shorter, this is the reason why you should book a visit to Dubai this winter …

Dubai United Arab Emirates


Dubai experiences two seasons throughout the year … hot and hot! The perfect time to visit is between October and April, when the sand is cold enough to walk and the sea does not seem to be a bath! Why not change your wool scarf and hat for swimsuits and flip flops this year? See our villas in Jumeirah Beach …

Dubai United Arab Emirates

Dubai United Arab Emirates


Where else in the world to do your Christmas shopping, but one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the world! Do not worry, there’s everything from Marks & Spencer to Harvey Nichols!


The time zone in Dubai is actually four hours earlier than in the United Kingdom. This means that Santa will leave his gifts under the Christmas tree four hours earlier than in the United Kingdom.


The lights in Dubai are undoubtedly great throughout the year. At Christmas, however, they are even bigger and better. No doubt you will not miss the festive vibrations. Do you want to stay in the middle of all the lights and festivities?

sand boarding dubai, sand skking, Desert Sand Skiing Dubai


Can not decide if you want a white Christmas or a Christmas on the beach? Dubai will allow you to have the best of both worlds. Ski Dubai, at the Mall of the Emirates, is a covered ski resort with a huge 22,500 square meter indoor pool. Epic or what?


Dubai is known for its extravagant old and new parties and spectacular fireworks displays. That’s why it’s not surprising that recently the city number 1 in the world has been named to spend New Year’s Eve! According to a survey conducted by Kayak, the city defeated Chicago, Barcelona, ​​Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro.


What better time of the year to enjoy a little luxury? Although the most luxurious hotel in the world is perhaps a bit expensive, you can try one of our villas in Dubai!


.. and treat yourself! Dubai is known for its luxurious wellness and spa centers. The perfect way to relax, unwind and enjoy a stress-free Christmas!


I do not know anything about you, but every year my Christmas tree seems bigger and bigger … Why not celebrate by staying with the LARGEST tree in the world? Palm Island!

Dubai Holiday

Dubai Holiday


Do you want to see Santa and his reindeer? Take a night safari in the desert and experience stars like never before. This is, without a doubt, a Christmas that you will never forget …

Have you been to Dubai at this time of year? What were your best moments?

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5 Essentials To Wear While Traveling With Children

Annual family holidays have become a necessity in the monotonous life of today. This is because most of us spend too much time in the office and even bring work to our home that we do not give our family enough time. Going on holiday with your family not only helps you spend a good time with your loved ones, but also helps you relax, relax and rejuvenate. For a fun and stress-free holiday, you must plan and reserve in advance. Family packages are the best choice because they take care of all your travel needs so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Besides planning a holiday, there is something that needs your attention, packaging for children. Traveling with children requires that you prepare yourself on a different level. You need to have extra stuff with you to make sure they like the visit and stay safe. The blog article highlights five essential elements for children that you should not forget to pursue.

1. Additional Clothing

Normally you have to pack a piece of clothing per day for each person. For children, however, you must keep a few extra pairs, because they tend to spoil their clothes while playing, eating or having fun. If you go without extra clothing, you will increase your costs because you may have to buy new clothes for the children. Also make sure that you are packed in accordance with the climate of the holiday destination. If you go to a fairly cold place, keep an extra jacket or sweater for the children because they are more immune to diseases. The same theory applies to shoes. Pack an extra pair or two for an emergency.

2. Packaged Foodstuffs

Children have a high energy level and constantly need something to nibble on. Transporting noodles or packed drinks is better than buying something from a shop along the road or any railway to satisfy your child’s hunger. Some railways and airlines also provide catering services by train and flight. If you are traveling with a baby or toddler, wear enough baby food and breast milk because you do not get them everywhere.

3. Cosmetics

Be sure to pack childcare products such as sunscreen, nasal drops, hair oil, body lotion and hand sanitizer. Their skin is sensitive and not all products suit them, so it is better to wear familiar products than to buy them at the local pharmacy instead of on holiday. Moreover, you can never know when you need it, in the middle of the night, where no pharmacy would be open.

4. First Aid and Specific Medications

Another essential element to wear while traveling with children is first aid. Make sure it contains bandages, painkillers and other supplies for the treatment of minor injuries and flu. If your child receives treatment for a condition, you must also prescribe medication

5. Modes of Entertainment

Carrying your child’s favorite toys and books on vacation can be a big advantage. They can patiently play with their toys for hours or draw and read their favorite books. Teenagers are now more inclined to use mobile phones and other gadgets. Keep a portable charger in case your child decides to empty the battery of your phone while playing a game or watching videos on YouTube.

Pack Your Bags

Packing for a holiday with children requires that you be very careful and pack more. If there is a baggage allowance, you may not want to pack some clothes or shoes, but you do not run any risks related to your child. Booking a family visit frees you from the stress of booking flights and accommodation separately and arranging transfers from the airport. This allows you to concentrate on other important things, such as packaging and the activities you want to do. The major travel agents of Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and other major cities offer organized trips to India and overseas destinations, so you can have a nice vacation without overwhelming your finances.

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Himachal Tour Holiday of Life

The hill stations of Himachal Pradesh in India, also known as Dev Bhumi, are immensely blessed by the natural beauty that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world

The hill stations of Himachal Pradesh in India, also known as Dev Bhumi, are immensely blessed by the natural beauty that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. These hill stations are the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable holiday. Blessed with exceptional scenic beauty and some of the most spectacular landscapes, Himachal Pradesh is truly a traveler’s paradise.

Snow-covered mountain peaks, emerald green valleys with wild flowers, whispering rivers, enchanting mountain lakes, wildflowers fields, apple orchards, deodar and pine forests, amazing temples and beautiful monasteries, etc. Enliven the charm of Himachal tourism. If you want to enjoy a holiday in these beautiful heart-rolling hills, there are several Himachal tour packages available to make your dream come true.

With Himachal tours, you can not only enjoy sights, but you will also have a great opportunity to enjoy exciting adventure and sport activities.

Among all popular hill stations, Dharamshala and Dalhousie are very popular with honeymooners and nature lovers. Some of the prominent attractions of these beautiful hill stations can be excellently explored by booking Dalhousie Dharamshala tour packages.

Dharamsala The beautiful hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh is divided into two main parts, above and below. While the lower part is known for Hindu culture and attractions, the upper part is essentially known as Mcleod Ganj.

Dal Lake-Lush green high deodar forests surrounded Dal Lake located near Dharamsala. You are looking forward to it and you will be convinced that it is one of the most beautiful creations of God. It is eligible for a perfect and peaceful picnic spot for the locals.

Kangra Fort was once the fortress and seat of power of Katoch rulers, who ruled the country for more than 2000 years. Today it is ruined by the devastating earthquake that hit the area in 1905.

Khajjar is popular as the mini-Switzerland of India. It is a picturesque sheep-shaped meadow, beautifully decorated by the tall pine and deodorous trees. Tourists can enjoy the fascinating scenic beauty of nature that flows through the cool aromatic sky of the snow-covered Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh.

St Patrick Church is one of the oldest churches in Dalhousie with a seating capacity of 300 people. Built in 1909 with the income contribution of British army officers, these ancient churches and stones are still in good condition.

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Travel to Dubai with children? Here’s how to keep it fun!

By deciding to travel with children to Dubai for a vacation, you have done one of the best things out of your life. The city has not only ensured the safety of children but also for their health. It is safe, clean and friendly for children. In addition, there are many things and activities that children can see and enjoy. From beaches to amusement parks to outdoor gardens and indoor entertainment centers, Dubai is perfect for entertaining grown-ups and grown-ups. There is no shortage of entertainment, education, sports and entertainment for children in this city. Whether you travel to Dubai in summer or winter, here’s how you like it.

kids to Wild Wadi Waterpark

Bring the Kids to Wild Wadi Waterpark

To ensure that tourists do not say in the air-conditioned cocoon, the city has used patented technology and developed various artificial theme parks. The Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the busy and popular parks that receive a large stream of visitors each year. It is a perfect place to cool off and for fun and entertainment for the whole family. The park has extensive 30 water attractions and slides designed intricately. All of these slides are exciting and fun to experience. The winding slides, the water park and the adventure river are striking features of the park.

Everything in water adventure is possible to experience in this state-of-the-art water park. The attractions are designed to offer adrenaline chickens and extreme fun. For families who just want to be relaxed, they can float on a tube through a river. When the children are tired of their adventurous activities and are hungry, restaurants in the parks are always ready to be delighted to calm their taste buds and get new energy.

Al Nasr Leisureland

Satisfy The Sporting Needs Of Children At Al Nasr Leisureland

The concept of sport, entertainment and relaxation all under one roof is nicely implied by Al Nasr Leisureland. Founded in 1979 in the heart of the city, this location has become famous as a one-stop sports and entertainment venue for families. It is open to all nationality, gender and age group. To meet the physical fitness and entertainment needs of children, the location has different options. From an ice rink to the tennis center, the squash court, the swimming pool, the bowling and the fitness center, children can try what sport they want. In addition to facilities for various sports, the venue is also decorated with a fruit garden, a karting track and a roller coaster and a fruit garden.

Children's City

Educeer Entertainment And Children In The Children’s City

The Children’s City is a modest initiative of the City of Dubai to make the city smarter by incorporating fun and education through virtual exhibitions. This place is best for children to stimulate their minds and enable them to deepen into information in playful and learning methods. This edutainment facility offers interactive learning sessions for children. It is littered with different galleries for students and families who provide insights on nature, space, human anatomy, computer and communication. The management also organizes entertainment programs and workshops throughout the year to attract families. Among the various on-site facilities, the flight simulator is one that is the most exciting for the children because they can try their hands when taking off and landing a virtual plane.

Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay

Become Personal With The Dolphins In The Dolphin Bay

Let your children communicate with dolphins in a natural environment at the Dolphin Bay at Atlantis, The Palm. Kids will love swimming with dolphins, touching them and trying to dive with the beautiful creatures. Holding, hugging and playing with dolphins by standing in shallow water is a very interesting experience. Children of a lower age and a smaller length can also experience the essence without entering the water. While your children are busy making fun of the dolphins, you can relax on a long chair and take pictures for an everlasting memory.

Experience Unlimited Fun At The Creekside Park

Creekside Park, located on the banks of Dubai Creek, and spread over an amazing 96 acres, is the oldest and second largest park in Dubai. With an abundance of green, nature trails, mazes, large playground and roller skating area, this park is the best for a family picnic. There is also a barbecue spot in the park and a cable car to devour the beauty of the creek and the adjacent skyline. To enjoy the view from a cable car, you have to be there in the evening during the summer. Couples can take a walk over the cobbled promenade and watch the dhows up and down

Enjoy Light, Music And Dancing Water At The Dubai Fountain

Among the many beautiful things Dubai has in store for visitors, the Dubai fountain is a spectacle with eyes out. Very truthful said when visitors go to a Dubai vacation, visitors should have this technological miracle in their bucket list. Located a few miles from the towering Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain is a grand sight to watch. The dancing fountain is 900 feet tall and has the capacity to throw water to an altitude of 500. When lights and music are on, the five circles of the fountain create beautiful abstract images in different sizes. What is noticeable at the fountain is the visibility from a distance of 20 miles and the ability to illuminate the entire area with striking light rays.

Explore A Winter Wonderland On The Dubai Ice Rink

Book a ticket for your children and introduce them to a magical world where endlessly awaits them. The Dubai Ice Rink in Dubai Mall is the destination where children can learn to skate and play ice hockey on an Olympic ice rink. Not only the children, even mature people can have fun at the location and cool down. The entire facility was built to provide a safe environment for children of all ages. Anyone from 6 to 60 years old can learn to skate without injury.

Indulge Your Family With A Dinner Cruise

If you like happiness on your loved ones faces, take them to a dinner cruise in Dubai. The cruise experience they will pass through will make them cheer for a long time. They may also claim an indulgence or an excuse to go on a dinner tour in Dubai. The dhow cruise begins from morning to evening. However, if you want to see the glitters in Dubai Creek, you can go on a cruise in the evening. When the sun goes down, the lights on the dhows and in the buildings next to the creek light create a magic effect. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the creek and the glimpse of the skyscrapers, your family will be fond of dancing and dancing through the developed part of the city.

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15 Tips Backpacking in Southeast Asia for Everyone

Of coloured moments to overload tut-tuts, there are some things that all come across when backpacking in Southeast Asia. Whether you spend the time of your time beaching, swimming, riding a motorcycle, meditating or trying to see everything, here are 15 things you probably learned.

  1. Going From A To B Is Surprisingly Fun

Nightly bus rides with bad motion pictures in the lap, clasped in the waist of a scooter driver while weighing through Ho Chi Minh City traffic, or buying a vintage Minsk engine to tear down mountain roads – you know the action of motion itself for some of the best backpacking memories.

  1. Everything Moves Slowly

Thanks to a combination of traffic, vehicle break-downs, bad roads, bad weather or punishment kittens you learned from the impossibility to arrive anywhere on time. Reservations made in advance were as rare as a concrete plan for more than two days.

  1. Tourism Is Both A Blessing And A Curse

Irrespective loyalty, fake homes, irresponsible development and a lot of other despicable things – spend long time backpacking in Southeast Asia and you know that the destructive side of tourism starts to shine.

At first, you felt like part of the problem. But you have learned to search homestays, socially responsible tours, environmentally friendly projects and grassroots NGOs. Every little bit helps.

  1. The Nicer The Restaurant Is, The Worse The Food

You know that it’s not the local popular food stalls along the way that you’re likely to give food poisoning. No, it’s the kind of connections that penne already serves pollo and special steak tartar.

  1. A Tuk Tuk Can Be The Ultimate Luxury Trip

A good tuk tuk is like a cabriolet with a driver crossed with a couch. The ability of their people seems to grow as every hour passes, leaving them in the dark somewhere around a dozen passengers. For the price it is a luxury that can not be beat.

  1. Cheap Deals Are Usually Too Good To Be True

Become a fully smiling driver offered you a sweet deal, then you agreed to help him “get gas”. And you quickly learned what that means: pretend to shop in soulless tourist trap boutiques while a friend gets “gas coupons” from the owners. Vision of the adventure faded to your eyes – but you never made the same mistake again.

  1. The Durian Smell Will Chase You

Durian: The beloved ball of spikes with an acquired taste and a rather sharp aroma that smells like sweat, garlic and scented paint thinner – detectable from a block away. You’ve learned to love it or hate it – there’s no one in between.

  1. Not All Monks Are As Serene As They Look

Some monks look serene, Some monks drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes You may have cloaked a red, or saffron-like, and secretly a smoke behind a crumbling temple wall or sipping a piece of Mekong Whiskey under a banyan tree.

Of course, this is forbidden by Buddhist rules, and it absolutely fought with your original imagination of monastic life. But nobody is perfect and old habits die hard.

  1. “Happy Pizza” Is Not A Nice Name For Pizzas Served By Smiling Staff

It’s pizza that will bring you high.

  1. Mushroom Milkshakes Are No New Rage In The Area Of ​​Healthy Food

These will also bring you high.

  1. Traveling Tattoos Can Be A Terrible Idea

A Balinese Om symbol symbolized much more than requested, an ambiguous word written in the Khmer script, a little butterfly resembling a mother’s spot – perhaps you learned it hard, or maybe you learned from the mistakes of others.

Southeast Asia backpackers know these tags are good: yolo moments of such (regrettable) power they actually survive you.

  1. Thai Red Bull Is Much More Intense Than The Energy Drinks You Are Used To

It is actually called Krating Daeng and has reportedly inspired the creation of Red Bull. Whether you’ve waved it out of a bucket with a vodka or niped to zero-after-night business, its power was a poignant revelation.

  1. Backpackers Wear A Uniform

Harem trousers, beer tops and a pointless bandana to finish it. Have you investigated and thought about the smelly, kidding travelers? Yes, I would like to look exactly like that? Probably not. But the uniform happened.

  1. Do Not Bring Gum To Singapore

If you went to Singapore, then you know it has some weird laws, the illegality of chewing gum is one of them. But that’s just the beginning. Walk naked in your own house? Illegal. Drink a sip of water in the subway? Illegal. Rinse out a public toilet after use? Illegal, of course. Even publicly eating Singapore “National Fruit”, the Durian, falls on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Southeast Asia Has Experienced A Lot, And Continues To Go Through A Lot

Regardless of the horrors of colonization, absurd and devastating wars, or the corruption and poverty that followed, the people of Southeast Asia have gone through hell. However, it was ultimately the incredible kindness of the locals that made backpacking Southeast Asia one of the best experiences of your life.

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